Mental Health in Africa: My Story

It's time to talk
It’s time to talk









Dear readers and followers, it is time to talk more seriously about mental health. Not only are statistics glaring of an increase in the number of patients and the failure of ‘society’ as a whole to tackle mental health issues, but ‘we’ the patients, are so scared of the stigma attached to our ‘diagnosis’, that we prefer to just shut up and ‘die’ out our own way!

l won’ talk about facts and statistics the world over or even only in Africa. No, l will speak from experience. Mine and what l observed, drawing from my brother’s and others’. l was therefore honored to receive an invitation by Trish over at Mentalhealthtalk, to do a guest post on this ‘salient and silent subject’. Kindly hop over to read the rest of that post with just one click right here: Sure, your comments will be highly appreciated.

Real facts and figures?
Real facts and figures?

l don’t know how real those facts and figures are of if they apply to Africa. l only know what l have experienced as a ‘patient’ and a ‘caregiver’.

l want to be the change, l think the time is now:

Be the Change
Be the Change

Fortunately, we have a lot of resources online to help us in our research in finding ways to avoid or cope with mental illness. l thus found this info graphics5-Cs-diagram-0011 worth sharing:

And this one is even more descriptive of the ways we can help ourselves and others l hope:

Ways to wellbeing
Ways to wellbeing

 l envy all those organized social services out here and all the helplines at your disposal or the insurance you could take out to help with costs and all.


My personal relationships are changing from now on; and l remember a recent post l just did where l expressed my determination to bounce back into life firmer.

We too can make a difference in someone’s  life, after helping our own selves out of course!

Dear gentle readers and followers, let’s not relent our efforts to make our lives and our worlds a better place, or what says thou?

12 thoughts on “Mental Health in Africa: My Story”

  1. You’re doing good Marie by drawing attention to mental health and sharing your experiences. I know someone somewhere will benefit from what you’re doing.

    Well done!

    You’ll be rewarded for your efforts. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      l am already rewarded because l feel much better just sharing and learning l am not alone. l am helping so many, l know financial or otherwise reward will follow but am ok for now indeed! 🙂

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