One Lovely Blog Award!

lovely-blog-award-1Indeed, it never rains but it pours!

For me, receiving yet another blog award barely a month after the last one, signifies a pour in of appreciation and support for my modest and humble self. This new one is is as lovely as it’s name and l was nominated by none other than my ‘shaggy’ friend Somnolent Soul! You are a gentle soul indeed, so hold on, much better is on its way! Thank you for nominating me!

The rules for this award are the following:

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post

2. Share seven things about yourself

3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Now, seven things about myself? Of course l will start with the ‘newest’ addition to my ‘feathers’:

  1. Woah, in a month from now, l will be meeting a psychiatrist for my first time. l am excited, scared and you name the rest. Check out my recent post on mental health and my story;
  2. l am just coming back from Africa (three countries in all there) and it was not only an emotionally packed journey, but it was one in which l once more learnt of some things we do take for granted?
  3. l am contemplating huge projects once l graduate and this includes full blow mental health Advocacy and am just hoping l cope. My brother’s and my case, leave me in no doubt that l can make a change;
  4. l am equally aspiring to become a personal and emotional well being coach.  l am optimistic that l will be knowing what l am talking about because l have been to that bottom and am now thriving somewhere above;
  5. l wrote my personal thriller of a life’s tale, and yes, although it was a tale of  unconventional loves it was well received;
  6. l was interviewed by our Cameroonian Oprah and am soon to do a post about her; l so wish her well and l know she will say she can’t ever be Ms O, sure but she will surely get to that category if she keeps up the good but hard job;
  7. l have learnt so much since l started blogging last November 2013, l can’t ever be grateful enough – my inspiration and determination are on high gear!

Now to nominate 15 or so bloggers, l will do my part and hope they accept the award or at least acknowledge my gesture:

  1. Dr H & J, over at the Bipolar Bum – he’s one brave but suffering soul and he helped me look critically at the mirror once more;
  2. Silent Dugood and her great poems;
  3. Vincent Egorro and his Inspirational and Motivational Blog;
  4. Marjma2014 whose cute blog has that variety is the spice of life scent;
  5. Adoptingjames, l so wish them well in the life with these additions to their family and their adjustments and coping with all it entails;
  6. Nicolemoncada and her soulful bipolar tapestry of poetic thoughts, words and acts?;
  7. Celia Hales and her cool blog on Miracles Each day, reminding me of Ms W Houston’s song ‘… there can be miracles when u believe …’;
  8. My dearest June over at Miraculous Ladies;
  9. My dear folakemiodoaje and her various musings especially on her beloved Mother Land;
  10. Lady K and her daily musings – her recent post on her never ending quest for perfection really caught my attention;
  11. Phoenix Aria and her candid posts on various issues esp regarding child abuse;
  12. RedneckRosarian and his love and care for roses, and all he teaches us there along;
  13. buildingalifeofhope just as the title says;
  14. Zachary @zacharykreid and his short uplifting messages; and last but not the least,
  15. Dennis Cardiff my good friend who recently published a souls searching book on conversations with the homeless!

Dear gentle followers and readers of mine, there sure are several other fabulous blogs out there and l just hope those l nominated, wouldn’t be mad at me for passing on such ‘work’ to them!


16 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!”

  1. Thanks dear, oops, shaggy is a term l coined and l explain it in my mental health guest post which l linked in mine. it’s a compliment to those of ‘us’ who are fighting to hang on inspite of those ‘loose nuts’!

  2. Marie, what can I say? Thanks again for nominating me again for yet another wonderful award. I’m grateful and humbled.

    You’re an inspiration Marie. I hope you achieve your big dreams because you’ll help lots of people. 🙂

  3. Whao! Thanks MA for reading my blog and for the nice gesture of nominating me for an award, this was my first award nomination ever so I will cherish it forever. Thank you. FO

    1. Dear Fola,

      I am glad l am doing this to you. l can identify with that first award feeling. Please take the time to accept it by doing that post and nominate others too. Someone among the lot will surely be touched. Cheers

    1. Hi Zach,

      I just did. You see, you were my last but not least nominee. The first to do an acceptance post, you are great. Keep up those short uplifting messages. 🙂

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