Musings from My Trips: Cameroon

Musings and all
Musings and all

I want to do a series this week on musings from my trips to Africa. I know Africa isn’t a country but a continent, yet since l visited three countries in all, l summarize the trip as being to Africa.  Yes, I visited two countries as planned, and got to a third by circumstance. However, it was most welcomed because l got to address one of my soul’s ‘issues’ l had long hoped to address.  So, series one is obviously on my Trip to Cameroon my Beloved Mother Land.

And l saw my Boys

A few hours after landing, still jet lagged
A few hours after landing, still jet lagged

At least, their Dad did well to send them over to my mum the eve of my arrival. They were thus at the airport to pick me up and we spent two good weeks together. Although when l returned from Kigali and l wanted to go visit the other two to bid them farewell, their dad had switched gears again and nastily denied, l was grateful for the time l got with them. l didn’t get to see that dad of theirs and l couldn’t be bothered. l had thought he was getting civil but no, his own demons surely aren’t done with him yet. He sure is still basking in ‘pity pride’, l was the adulterous wife – but hey, l got my divorce finalized and his name is off mine.

My magic Trio
My magic Trio

My boys and l did a lot of talking and we sure went places together. We talked about topics as varied as death, love, faith and all. Sure some will not understand such discussions with ‘kids’ that young.  l however, know my boys and feel it deep in me that those conversations flow and are rooted. We’ve done such from even when they were in the womb and even though apart, we still do converse by phone, emails and all.

Sure, l got depressed some time and cried my eyes out in the Loo. I have always loved the loo as a refuge and sometimes l can even fall asleep in there. l find some peace there especially knowing l wouldn’t be disturbed that easily. Yes, that is life and there is strength in what remains. My first son was the most hit as usual because he is all by himself at my mum’s, given his father is ‘out of the question’. Hmm, almost ‘taboo’ you would say. But one day, l know it’ll be over and am doing my best for him to have a relationship with that ‘father’ of his mindful of all. He is an innocent lad, he shouldn’t be made guilty of ‘our folly’.

Interviews and Shows on TV and radio

My, l could never for once think they would be that many. Sure l have a friend who knows some people and took it upon himself to be my PR, but even two he didn’t contact, contacted me directly. I had to choose due to my short stay and l ended up doing two TV shows and three radio shows. Considering they lasted a good hour on the average, you will agree l tried my best. The shows were not only about my book – yes that book. l equally seized whatever opportunity l got, to relate to my mental health advocacy and my other job for Women In Parliament whose summit l was preparing and got to attend in Kigali Rwanda.

TV Shows in Pictures  

With the News room crew
With the News room crew of Canal 2
Interview with Voice of the Voiceless
Interview with Voice of the Voiceless – hosted by Amy Banda of Spectrum TV
After the good morning Cameroon Show of STV
After the good morning Cameroon Show of STV

Radio Interviews

Oh no, l just realize l never did pictures with my radio hosts, what a f–k. Well, l have the recordings and will be uploading them on you tube in due time. The shows were on my book mainly and one of them dwelt on the ‘delicate subject’ of Adultery. The show was Frank Talk, and trust me to be FRANK and nothing else. The other one was called Options, and yes l admitted to the ‘poor options’ l chose in life which contributed to amplifying my mess of an hitherto past.

Epilogue of Trip 1

l am hoping to be back next year. l met quite a number of ‘friends’ and talked to several others on phone. Sure, many of those ‘friends’ are now relegated to ‘acquaintances’ and some don’t have any  more ‘qualification’ in my heart. Am sure l had long been displaced on their list too. Several others l didn’t think of as ‘friends’, surprised me by reaching out to me, to buy my book, read, and feed back me in all honesty. Even some of my ‘ex boyfriends’, contacted me and we ‘laughed and talked’. Indeed, l needed this trip!

Dear gentle followers and readers, l missed updating you from there thanks to some things l took for granted. l was however pleased to be welcomed by a blog award and l really cried over that. That was simply put; LOVELY! Wishing you all a happy Summer while hoping you stay tuned for my other musings and a little more! I always appreciate your comments, likes and sure sharing which is caring.



9 thoughts on “Musings from My Trips: Cameroon”

  1. What a trip, indeed!!….Mental Health is such a big issue, there’s no particular way to approach it because no one wants to take responsibility for their actions: People hide behind culture and the way of life and never admit to wrongdoing, or even have a sincere rapport.
    My own trying times stirred up so much pain and, coming here brought the issue more to light. I didn’t therefore hesitate to go for a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Let’s face it – how many people here and back home would want to be associated with mental issues? The stereotype is “madness” and “witchcraft” and that’s so far from the most basic issues that lead up to madness !! Thank you, Abanga, for daring to release this book and also, talking about it. It is your own little way, though “un-African”…lol… of bringing the issue to light. Little things have great impact. Waiting for your future releases.

    Nkeng D.
    Hyattsville, MD.

    1. Hi Darling,

      Thanks for hoping by and leaving such a soulful comment. You know what you write about, l can’t think of any more to add thereto. I am glad for your studies and hope you help your clients mentally and emotionally and sure too socially. Yes, I dared and will dare further in my future releases. The sky is not my limit, my limit is beyond the sky. I do this for posterity and l am happy l am free in mind and heart.
      There is strength in what remains 🙂
      loads of love, Ayo

    1. Dear PB,

      I admire yours to because not every ‘mental patient’ would even want to blog about his travails. If my reward will be less stigma for ‘us all’, more ‘self acceptance, love and theraphy’ for us all, better societal approach to ‘us all’, then l am fulfilled.

  2. Dear MA – Seems you had a great trip. Your positive attitude is inspiring. I really admire you opening up about your mental health experience. As a Nigerian, mental health is misunderstood so the sufferers are outcaste, I hope sharing your experience will help people especially our continent to show more interest and think outside of the taboo and stereotypes around the cause of mental health disorder.

    1. Indeed Fola,

      that is one of my passions henceforth. Mental Health has for long been taken for granted and relegated to the ‘expertise’ of Charlatans and so called ‘Men of…’

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