Amy Banda: My Cameroonian Oprah and Heroine

Amy and I
Amy and I

Woah, I have met several people in my life, from several nationalities and I once again met a dynamic woman in my own country Cameroon. She is none other than Amy Banda and I can’t introduce her enough other than copying pasting what she writes about herself on her own blogs.

This is on blogger:

“I have a strong will, desire, urge, free spirit and burning zeal to change vices into virtues. I am blessed with an impeccable oral expression skill, which has been tested and proven so far through News Anchoring, Prime Time Show hosting, and Headlight public events like organized talks, discussions, forums, Conferences and Marriages. I have an easy going aptitude, a high sense of adaptability and a natural emotion of linking people from different horizons with one goal to achieve.

I am always on the move for new ideas, new discoveries, actions and innovative strides that aim to transform behavioral patterns in the society and community. I also have an excellent networking ability of bringing people together to rob minds on pertinent issues that will not only develop self confidence in citizens, but as well build up entrepreneurship activities. Talking about entrepreneurship, I have successfully transmitted positive rays to many in my country, who call me true icon. As if where ever I pass by, I leave a golden foot print that inspires from creation to conception, to belief, to engagement and to achievement. Call me the Voice, Amy BANDA, I will tell you how pushful a go getter I am, who refuses to take failure for an answer”;

And on her WordPress site:

I am an open-minded person who enjoys going on adventure and exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth. I work in a private media organ Stv 2 as a journalist wherein I run 2 main flagship programs; ‘the Voice of the Voiceless’ and ‘the Good Morning Cameroon’ Shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.

Amy Banda

And so, it came to happen that l was on one of her phenomenal shows as a guest: No actually on both although she wasn’t hosting the Good morning Cameroon show on that morning.
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show

Amy is doing great with her show VoV and I wish for her to become our own Oprah. Indeed, I had thought I could get Oprah’s notice by sending her a copy of my book, but heck no, l was a ‘nobody’.

Now, I have access to our own Oprah and I wish Amy to be true to herself and her vision. Not forgetting her mission. I know that the sky is not her limit but that her limit is beyond the sky. So dear Amy, if you read this, know this is my token of appreciation and support for your work. I think all your guests are always so happy to be invited to your Show.


12 thoughts on “Amy Banda: My Cameroonian Oprah and Heroine”

  1. Well for the very first time its wonderful to discover the excellent job done so far and certainly the Almighty will provide more strength to reach the highest level.

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