Three TV Shows and Three Radio Shows in Two weeks

interview-with-vovI was recently visiting Cameroon my Motherland and was so touched by the reception my book and l got there. Being invited to Three TV Shows and Three Radio Shows in barely two weeks, indicated to me that my message was one several longed to hear, it was one most could identify with somehow and it was one many were willing and ready to discuss. For these, I am most grateful and humbled.

The journey to publishing that book wasn’t an easy one. Think about easy in all aspects of human pathology and you can understand the battles I fought to get that done. I did a post on that journey and you could refresh right here. Iy still ain’t over and yet another book is in the pipeline.

Yes, I was lauded for having done this ‘huge’ contribution to breaking ‘Taboo’ and as one of my fans put it: “U have broken societal and cultural norms that even some of the brave have dared not to touch. I’m am definitely ur number 1 fan!!!!” and another wrote: “U ve conquered ur fears and broken societal barriers to discover who u are, love you have a place and a voice that which the girl child has been denied.”

Yes, I haven’t done the most unimaginable thing but oh yes, I the woman and daughter many thought to ‘know’ and maybe even ‘master, has dared to go ‘there’. And yes, I go there because I think it is high time someone went there. Obviously and perhaps not for my sake anymore, but for surely countless other African girls and women and of course all woman folk the world over.

Some men have reached out to me to, if I was keeping track, I bet the men have been more than the women. Indeed, my first TV appearance was in the presence of three able gentlemen,

With the News room crew
With the News room crew

who spared not an inch in their questions, thoughts and even looks, as if to say; ‘yes lady – we salute your audacity and wish to baptize you with this fire before unleashing you to the public’. 

Discussing albeit delicate and maybe even ‘frightful’ topics, like Child and spouse abuse, adultery, mental health and much more, meant I was ‘looking for more trouble on my already frail heart’.

But dear gentle readers and followers, the truth is that, that is all part of my therapy and message. I will never say that enough. It helps me as much as it does you, to write and read all what I write. It even gets me to go into deeper ‘soul searches’ in my ‘healing journey’. I have come a long way and the road ahead still seems ever menacing. Yet, I am ready and hope for good and better holistic health to carry on.

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. Maya Angelou

And so, for all these, I am not relenting my efforts to bring such discussions to the table.  Indeed, the very thin line between my ‘private and public’ life, may as well be wiped out by such ‘adventures’ but that will only serve my ‘soul songs’ better. What could be your view on this?


2 thoughts on “Three TV Shows and Three Radio Shows in Two weeks”

  1. Well Marie, my brave and strong friend. You have indeed done what many people would only dream about. But not have the guts to step out into the fire for fear of getting burnt.

    I think you’ve started something and paved the way for others to follow you. You said something to me when you called that made me think about my way forward as well. We only have one life to live. If we can help others by sharing our stories, then that’s what we have to do.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your evening. 🙂

    1. Dear June,

      As usual, thanks for your comments. The more I live in bloggerville, the more precious I consider comments especially soulful ones like yours.

      I always enjoy talking to you and was very happy to visit you. Indeed, as Maya once said, it is better if we leave this world leaving something behind for humanity. I equally learnt as much from my grandma and I know my strides are so huge but with Faith, I too will leave something behind.

      Enjoy your summer 🙂

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