My Brother lives on

Please, like this page dedicated to my brother and the cause:…/My…/1512439455638928…

Feel free to express yourselves and leave any message.  His story as I knew it, will be published as an everlasting tribute to him and my advocacy.


13 thoughts on “My Brother lives on”

  1. Hey! Im not usually on Facebook anymore, but I went and liked your page.. I’m sorry you have to go through this

  2. On that henceforth dreaded Saturday, I bought four new books. The one I immediately started reading was title “Please Save Me From Myself”. Once I gather the strength to finish, I will do a review on my blog. I felt I was reading my brother’s story and felt a certain urgency to finish it and reach out more forcefully to my brother. Alas, by the night, he was no more. I remember my mum talking to me about some complications from his recent meds and how I should talk to him (knowing our friendship). I tried but I felt nothing. Oh poor me, who thought I could get our dad to intervene and maybe just reassure him it was ok to seek for help! My Dad answered me he saw nothing wrong and told me he didn’t have my brother’s number. My brother is dead and I grieve in all honesty, no more ill feelings because I know we did all what we could and knew best. Thanks so much to you all for the enormous support my family and I are getting.

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