SOS: One of those days we dread

I need ...
I need …

I don’t know why I thought 33 was a golden age. I don’t know why I thought at that age you either made or break it. Hmm, now I don’t know what to conclude about that age anymore. Losing some one at 33, where do I start? I simply dread the day I lost him.

And now, we have to bury him. Another day I dread. I don’t even want to think about the day we lower his casket. I don’t want to think I will henceforth refer to him in past tense. Oh no, his last words to me were that he thanked me so much. This was on Thursday night and two days later, he was gone.

I equally dread this very day, when we are trying to come up with a program for his final journey home, wherever that now is. And now, as if living with that pain in your heart is not enough, you have to fight with the thoughts of what it will cost you physically, financially and otherwise just to make it past the burial.

When somebody dies away from ‘home’, he is expected to be brought back ‘home’. Please don’t ask me more, I am as confused as anything. I just know one more think and this is very comforting. I know I have a strong support network and that I can grieve as I please. I am no superwoman, I wouldn’t play strong like I did when I lost my daughter.

One more think I dread of this day, is my having to reach out for financial support to repatriate my love’s remains home. I hear it may aprox to a gulping 15.000$ and I can’t lie that my family can do that on their own. I thus decided to open a bank account for my beloved and I know those who can would chip in a $, a £ or any currency of their choice. The details are thus:

ACC NAME: Gabriel Bebonbechem Memorial Fund 


IBAN: BE 36377055498181



Dear gentle followers and readers, thanks for the support I have been feeling and getting. The post I did yesterday on my grief, has so far been viewed more than the total 50% of my other posts. Thank you once more. If you can chip in any dime, you could email me at if you please.


10 thoughts on “SOS: One of those days we dread”

    1. I started reading your book on that same Saturday and felt like I was fighting against some current. Lots like my brother’s Journey. Helas, I couldn’t even finish it before he moved. Thank you so much Aiden, thx for writing your book

  1. I can’t contribute to it right now, but I think its smart to start a fund to help defray costs. I wish I could chip in!

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