The Funeral Program of my Love

Dear All,

I leave today for home once more. I do not return in joy to see my boys like I did two months earlier – oh no, I return to lay my love and hero to rest.

What I lost
What I lost

Herewith is the Funeral Mass for Gabriel, (contains his bio, our eulogies and a media gallery of sorts) for any interested in reading some more about him while I prepare to publish his book come November.



22 thoughts on “The Funeral Program of my Love”

  1. Marie, my heart hurts for you. I feel your pain. And I’m lost for words.

    I read your brother’s bio and eulogies. He was a treasure and so loved.

    I know your journey back home will be filled with sorrow instead of joy this time around. But you’ll always have his memories to cherish in your heart. I pray that as you heal, you’ll remember the good times. And those memories will bring a smile to your lips and lift your heavy heart.

    God bless you. 🙂

  2. Hearty Condolences to the Family on the demise of Gabriel. Let’s be Sure he has gone to his Rest and Reward in the Arms of Our Heavenly Father. …I read his bio. God works in mysterious ways. Giving so many talents to Gabriel. Then calling him so soon. May His Will be done.

  3. I pray for strength and and all the support you all can get from God through this great loss of our.Papa is in a better place and may his soul rest in peace.

  4. A mother’s eulogy to the son has left tears in my eyes; my head is clouded and I am confused on what I intended to write about the departed genius.

  5. What a beautiful eulogy and tribute to your brother…I read this late, but I was moved to tears. Healing comes, with time, but you will never forget your brother. It sounds like no one who knew him ever would. I am so sorry for your loss…Words seem so trivial and trite at the moment that I am at a loss — but my heart weeps for you and with you. Stay well and be encouraged in the fight.

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