Another one again? Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

I am simply put short of words or tears
I am simply put short of words or tears

I had once done a post on the difficulties I had managing my great emotions – the least I do when touched by someone’s largess, is hide and cry some more.

Wow, I was nominated for this award two days after I was stunk by death. What a consolation? Thank you so much dear Kyrosmagica for this award.

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

And what is special about this award is the fact that there are no questions to ask or answers to provide.  This indeed is simply wonderful and to show my gratitude all the way, I will try my best to be a deserving member of the e-team.


1) The nominee shall display the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award logo on his/her blog.

2) The nominee shall nominate 14 bloggers s/he admires, over a period of 7 days, all at once or little by little, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.

My Nominees

In case any of my nominees would prefer not to accept the award, please simply consider this a token of my appreciation for your  awesome blogs. No worries. 😉

  1. Sebastien Aiden Daniels, author of the memoir I last reviewed, the title speaks tons (Please Save Me From Myself) – check him out at his wonderful blog:Personal Growth 4 Life
  2. boldkevin, as bold as he puts it and bears it all out over at :
  3. My pal T whose blog takingthemaskoff, inspired my personal post on just that – he is such a fierce blogger, his posts will make a good and challenging read for anyone interested in Mental Health
  4. My friend of at least two similarities over at Pieces of Bipolar :
  5. Nicolemoncada with her poetic Bipolar Tapestry over at
  6. bpdyke whom I recently discovered, with his soul searching blog over at
  7. Kitt O’Malley and her enlightening blog over at

And there we go for the time being and maybe for better? Lets see how it goes in my search of the remaining 7 members 🙂

Dear gentle readers and followers, it is for obvious and not so obvious reasons such as this, that I surely can’t relent either on this blog nor in all other work I do. If only one person is inspired or motivated by my work, I will work on 🙂

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way


11 thoughts on “Another one again? Wonderful Team Member Readership Award”

    1. Dear Mihrank,

      I am humbled indeed by all these awards. Inspiring and motivating people of course including myself, has always been a passion. Life is worthwhile when we contribute to humanity right? Even by your music, you do same. I hope to listen to some eventually.

      1. Dear Maria – I don’t where to start in thanking you – I will find one of the Shakespeare’s novel “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

  1. Congrats sweety! You deserve it! I hope this provides some motivation for you to continue on your path. You are a strong, inspiring woman and while I know that you’re going through a tough moment, I think you will make your brother proud with your book. I also think your activism for the treatment of people with mental disabilities / illnesses is awesome. I’m rooting for you and am here in your corner cheering you on! GO MA!!! ❤ 🙂

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