Voice of the Voiceless Award

I mean, why should I ever relent my advocacy except for serious ill health?
I mean, why should I ever relent my advocacy except for serious ill health?

That award was given out on the 16th of August 2014, a day before my brother’s corpse arrived from the USA. I wasn’t obviously at the reception, but I got to meet Amy Banda, the show initiator and host, a few days later.

Amy and I, Trying to smile in the midst of my grief
Amy and I, Trying to smile in the midst of my grief

It was so so touching, that I received an award of this magnitude and for such a cause! It reads:

‘For her courage to inspire generations with her true story…’

Henceforth, I have not one, but two stories to use in my continuous and courageous journey to inspire. I am frantically writing my brother’s story as I lived it, and I just hope I live to see it published.

I am not doing this only for me
I am not doing this only for me

To this effect, I was equally very humbled and delighted to be invited to the radio show frank talk, to talk about mental health. In my country and in Africa to a large extent, such subjects are still ‘simply put taboo’. They belong to ‘Soothsayers and Exorcists’ and Shaggy ones like us, are ‘demon possesed’.

Frank talk on mental health in Africa, using my story and sure that of my late brother.
Frank talk on mental health in Africa, using my story and sure that of my late brother.

It is for this reason, that I recently posted on my being mentally ill before the fact (the fact being an official diagnosis). There are various degrees and types of mental illness and I am bent on stigmatizing stigma in being so open and dare say proud of my mental challenges and my efforts to thrive nonetheless.

Dear gentle readers and followers, we don’t make of life what it thrusts us, but we make of it how we deal with what it thrusts us. I have come so far, and my journey ahead seems so stretched out. I have lots of aspirations, but equally several challenges. I am a woman of faith, I careless about who thinks the contrary. I simply wish us all the best.


8 thoughts on “Voice of the Voiceless Award”

  1. What a wonderful award…sorry it came at such a heartbreaking time. I too am writing about my own personal mental illness in hopes that one day, I can inspire and awaken other’s minds to the reality of mental illness and to bring me some comfort in knowing that my son did not die in vain.

    1. Oh my, l am so sorry for your loss and suffering. Needless to say l can understand.
      Please, write on and let out as best as you can.
      I read somewhere that Depression (milder way of putting Mental illness), is considered the crisis of the century by the WHO. To me it is the awakening and not crisis. It’s all so out there now because people like us don’t hush no more. We aren’t proud or happy to be mentally ill or challenged etc, but we will no longer suffer in silence or resign to fate, faith, etc.
      Peace to you and us all

  2. I have been married to my lovely and more than kind wife for 11 years whose childhood reckons with her, giving her breakdowns from time to time. It has not been an easy ride especially as she refused to be a mother by birth because she is afraid of not being able to give our children what she did not receive. She can’t bear the fact that her kid brother, whom she struggled much and sacrificed a lot to sponsor is having a breakdown himself. This is killing her in bits and she cannot open up to a family who has been nothing but a thorn in her flesh and all she says about them: ‘Honey don’t worry, they don’t know what they are doing. Until the spell iss broken and their souls are freed, let us not waste time on their attitufebut pray for them’
    Congratulations on your VOV Award. It happens to be the best amongst your recognitions. We are looking forward to November 2 with anxiety marie.

    1. Dear Youmbi,

      Thanks for hopping by and sharing this soulful bit with me and mine.

      Ha, life has such twists and turns – you really should never say NEVER!

      Thanks for congratulating me, I inturn am grateful to your wife who shared her stage with me and believed enough in my story.

      I wish you both the best. Before the book is in Cameroon hopefully by January, you would all need to download a free kindle app from the amazon. That book will also be free for the entire launching week.

      Be anxious not, always be close to faith, hope, and love. I think the love can and should be unconditional and why not unconventional? 🙂

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