Have you ever been Drunk?

Dead Drunk or Drunk Dead
Dead Drunk or Drunk Dead

I have been, not once but three time and so I can rightfully answer yes. This is not one of Dem award posts or proud to post articles. But it is one I am doing nonetheless, for some fun, facts, and hopefully lessons.

Yes, it can happen and sure has happened to several folks, most of whom are so embarrassed to even retrospect. Indeed, I was too and I know it takes guts to share such a picture, my room sort of and of course the drunk part of me. Well, it’s a choice I made to inspire and motivate as many including my own self with my personal stories. If this will make me crazy, then that’s no novelty.

In the prelude


The first time I got drunk was several years back in my country Cameroon.  I was a hot spinster, leaving alone in Yaounde the capital city, and decided to treat myself to the ongoing Guinness Michael Power festival. There was some raffle draw in which capsules of a large Guinness were used. Of course you had to bye one to get the capsule. I know I am lucky with raffle draws but a big Guinness? I was sceptical but didn’t want to miss that right? The prices may not have been worth it but the fun sure was.

I got my big gigi as it is fondly called, drank all my money’s worth, played and won. There was a pack of some Guiness regalia and I swayed off to hire a cab and go sleep 12 good hours.

Mid crisis

It was a very warm summer afternoon last year and my Darling Darling and I were out for a stroll. We ordered drinks and I thought hey I could try some cocktail whose name I couldn’t even remember an hour later. I mean, a glass and some more sunshine later, I was smiling my face out and the kind man had to lure me home.


I vowed not to touch alcohol again since then. But hey, are even the vows of monks easy to keep? I mean, the weather was friendly and we had an august guest. We agreed on a movie night out, starting with dinner. Then those ‘mexican gangsters’, offered a free magarita for one bought. Poor me to be lured the other way once again. The above picture speaks volumes and forget about the movie. I heard the title as it started, something to do with tapes.

Remission or Lesson?

It begins like a joke and we get hooked. My story is sure silly, sad and sorry. But it could have been worse or I could even prefer to take a beer in the morning for what is called ‘clearance’. Addictions start like that and other times out of pain or just measuring up. But what we must remember in my mild opinion, is that behind each drunk, there was and is a wonderful person. I am so grateful to my gentleman for having bailed me out and really hope we could be someone’s angel too in which ever way.

Dear gentle readers and followers, I once read a very moving post about how somebody’s small act of kindness, meant the world to a man and what has become of his family today. And you do you have any such lessons to share?


5 thoughts on “Have you ever been Drunk?”

  1. It’s great that you can at least count your drunk episodes on one hand; I myself, have been drunk too many times to recall. No not proud of it at all as I did things I would never do sober…it has kept me away from all alcohol now. But some nights, I honestly don’t recall how I got home. My opinion is if we could change the laws, I’d vote for legalizing marijuana and outlaw alcohol…but of course, what do I know? I’m just “crazy” as it is.

    I applaud your bravery in sharing your story! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you dear,

      Yes, we aren’t ever proud or even so proud of stuffs we do right? Especially when drunk. I mean, I recall telling those I was with that they were never gonna be my friends again. They say I said and loused some more before crashing.

      Sharing lightens the burden on you and surely on others who would see they are not alone, maybe better, but surely it can’t be dead over just like that.

      Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I have definitely been drunk. In the past it often was a terrible time whenever it happened. Now I don’t drink much. Thank you for sharing : D.

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