30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge – Day Twenty-Nine

Kevin’s last but one post on the eve of the 30 day Mental Health Challenge he undertook, has such a salient determination and dare l say resolve? l read his very first post, and l have been reading almost all the others. I see his ‘tiny’ but yet firm steps to resource both internally and externally to forge on. He is an inspiration and motivation, l wish his today’s post of his in particular, may strike a higher cord with both big ‘Shaggy’ and smaller ‘shaggy’ ones out here. Thank you Bold Kevin 😀

Voices of Glass

30-day-challenge29Day 29: What are a few of your goals regarding your mental health.?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

And I have to be honest here and admit that my immediate reaction to seeing the question was, “Do I actually have any goals?  I mean, other than to survive it?”

But the more I thought about it the more I realized that actually I do have a number of goals.

They are just not all collected together and typed out – by way of some sort of mission statement.

And indeed many of them have arisen out of circumstances or events and have almost been subconscious (and even very private) by nature.  You know, that kind of “mental note to self” sort of thing.  Or the inner resolution that you make when something happens.

And I think that happens doesn’t it?  And as a result of this I think that…

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