All of a sudden I find myself so nervous…

nervous girl

Well, maybe not all of a suden but after say 15 or so minutes. Fortunately, I often work from home.  I wouldn’t say any more here because I am still nervous and angry. Somebody trying to sabotage my work. I think to ere is human but it is mean to wish others that bad.

I however decided to tame my anxiety, nervousness and anger. I thought to start short videos on mental health. I quickly set up my webcam and did one short one. Hope you leave me your thoughts.

Thank you!!!!!!

© Marie Abanga 2014

5 thoughts on “All of a sudden I find myself so nervous…”

  1. So happy you are doing this. It just takes one African wuth guts to taalk openly about MH issues. You are right about the stigma these issues bold in society. MH issues are real in our families and instead of putting a rug over it, we should just BE REAL..!!!
    BEST Regards.

    1. Thanks missy. You know after going thru all I went thru, watching my brother go thru so much pain, I decided to be genuine with myself and the world. I took off my mask and though it still is hard, I am forging on. Oh yeh, I proud to be the voice of several voiceless. 🙂

  2. I hope you are feeling better. Good job on continuing to speak out about mental illness. It is an important thing to do. It is very difficult to be genuine and is something we have to work on everyday. I still struggle with it immensely my friend. Sending positive vibes your way.

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