Why do you pull away and isolate from me,…? QTAPWMI – Day 06

Do you know why people with a mental illness sometimes pull away and isolate? Get some Insight!

Voices of Glass

This morning, I have followed my usual early morning routine. Just as I do most mornings. Woken up, went and had a wash. I then got dressed, made a fuss of TJ my dog and then went and made a cup of coffee. I then collected my retrieved my morning meds from where I keep them all and along with my coffee came into my study.

I then checked my blood sugars, took my meds and sipped my coffee as I went through my emails. And having done so I then checked out this morning’s question set by one of my daughter’s in the “Questions To A Parent With Mental Illness” Challenge that she has set me.  And I have to be honest here, the implications of this morning’s question hit me very hard…

DD 6

My Darling Daughter,

I have no idea whether I have just woken up in…

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