So painful
So painful


What do we know about pain?

That it hits so hard like that wild rain?

And yet interludes with some sane?

After leaving us in all this drain?

Oh what the hell is this pain?

Does it have to cause so much strain?

When we already are so restrained?

Why can’t we just retain our cool?

Some profane often wonder?

We may not wish them that terrain

Even if the rides were free on the train

Pain chains the brain

Its pang maim over again

Can no amount of sugar cane

Ease that pain?

I think something can

It may be an idea so plain

But it is worth the pain

to reach out, to lash out

And someday

day after day

Our pain may  afterall become vain

Say a secret angel?
Say a secret angel?

© Marie Abanga 2014


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