Who is a Simpleton?

am still working on this; am no genius and hopefully not a simpleton
am still working on this; am no genius and hopefully not a simpleton

He/She is : “a foolish person with lack of intelligence, common sense, and street smart”  ( urban dictionary)

I am strongly of the opinion that simpletons or fools or even madmen, are only that much according to society’s conventions.

I personally had a friend by our law firm, he was a madman and paradoxically, he was called Gabriel. I called him Massa Gaby. He will sit by my car the whole day and watch over it. I remember having a problem with the automatic locks and that car having to stay for a whole month unblocked. I knew none will risk Massa Gaby’s wrath by venturing too near.

He was always reading, mainly religious leaflets and sometimes old magazines. He told me lots of things, both sense and non sense.

I brought Gaby food, goodies and yes even a change of clothes when he agreed he was going to change whatever rags he had on. He indeed put on the suit and other clothes I gave him and even changed his tattered shoes for those I brought.

We are by nature scared of what we don’t know or can’t understand. We are more comfortable going by conventional beliefs, norms and practices. Anyway, aren’t we organized communities, societies and systems of sorts? Hey, I think anyone meeting my brother at either of his ‘shaggy’ (a term I coined for mentally challenged persons like myself) stages of an existence, would have been quick to qualify him a simpleton.  I am no exempt – hence the title of this work in his honour.

P.S I deliberately chose this whatever font today to see what comes of it (am I descending that bad into simpleton world? 🙂 )

© Marie Abanga 2014


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