” Be willing to be vulnerable so those who need strength can break down walls as well, cause you did it. Be approachable, a life may depend on us.” This is what I take away from this post.

Mental health, what is it? I decided to write from my heart what I feel organically on this subject. So you will not see me strive to use approved definitions per any particular school of thought, but from knowledge I have gathered and understood over the years. This is my take on the subject.

Mental health is a topic I realized most people don’t talk about as often as I think we should. A topic so important that the absence of addressing it is an alarming oversight. It usually comes up when the negative effects occur, then we realize at that time that we should have paid more attention.

When the body functions as it should, we don’t wake up thinking about it necessarily. It is a given. The spiritually inclined might thank God, the earth, the Heavens for good health. We really only pay attention when the body has…

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