Some holistic and honest reviews of my book – gratitude is all I have

From my heart, through my pen, to these pages
From my heart, through my pen, to these pages

” Ayo, after reading and going through your book several times, I came to the understanding that, to make this comment tasteful, I had to breakdown your work into two. That is, the informative side and the technical domain.

To be frank, it takes a lot of courage to bring out with honesty, what you wrote in this book. Only a hand full of people, even the most sincere, will think twice, before sharing out plainly, in the way you did. I can imagine the stress some main actors involved, can be having upon its publication.

Courage I salute.

Most readers might not understand the strength behind your book, as they might just read it as an exposure kind of stuff, by a lady who went through much in her life.

But the secret here is, it`s a book for generations born and unborn, it tells about all the woes that have existed and are still existing and will exist, even after we must have gone materially.

Many humans will still identify themselves, and their troubles in it, after centuries, because promiscuity, iniquity, infidelity and moral decadent will continue to reign as a way of life for contemporary humans.

This is what makes your book a magic of all eras, because each person acts in his or her style, but the story still and ends the same, in FILTH.

Technically, as all beginners, it is not always easy to have all the best literal know-how in our hands, the first time, as a writer too; I have been through much of it and know the song.

The relatives ‘abbreviations could have been masked with forge names, at least, not forgetting some actual polishing of grammar.

In a nutshell, it not easy to write a book, and believed to be one of the most difficult tasks, yet the courage worth the matter, it is proof a person`s existence.

If this was to be your clean breast before God, sure your honesty will earn for you, a seat at the right hand side of the Father.

I must also admit that, Ayo, you`re a very lucky girl, and nature only knows the way it acts, because some go through your situation and do not come out intact, you`re blessed.”  Jules F. Cameroon

Marie A. Abanga is one of the most inspirational people that I have met in my life. When soemone goes through what she has gone through, and seen what she has seen, they are usually forgotten to the world. They slowly fade away and become lost souls.

She, however, will not slip away. She will be heard. Her message is clear, and she is an inspiration and a role model to young women. She is strong, detemined and most importantly, her soul is strong. She will not allow the world to change her, in fact she is changing the world. Cortland P.  takingthemaskoff

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

I  know I speak and write for many – I am determined and only death can stop me in that respect:

On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show

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