Cover reveal for my Brother’s Journey and …

The Kindle Cover
The Kindle Cover
For the Paperback
For the Paperback

With exactly a month to go before I release this work of mine to the world, I can only but start this final lap with these cover reveals. Almost all is set, I have gotten some very positive editorial feedback as well as blurbs for that daunting but noble task. I undertook the painful journey down memory lane, as a seemingly coping mechanism and therapy for my grief and lack of Undersatanding of what this life is all about. I have written poems on pain, told pale tales and yes grieved some more.

I wish I could have my father’s back on this journey, but no and sadly once more, he doesn’t wanna be associated to simpletons whether dead or alive. Well, I have my mum’s and I know she loves me unconditionally. She is treasured, for all I saw her go through and fight for my brother. She is honoured, for finding the strength through all this to come to our aid ( her 3 girls), whenever we faltered and almost withered. Men, she came to the desert to look for me. Mama, I wrote this memoir, also that you may have a tangible legacy of my love for both of you. In all humility, honesty and modesty, I thank you.

Dear gentle readers and followers, join me on his facebook page:My Brother’s Journey from Genius to Simpleton for a book launch come October 29 from 9-11 pm Belgian time. There will be some kindle copies to be won on the spot. There is surely another big surprise with regards to this publication, put I reserve that for another post. Thank you

2 thoughts on “Cover reveal for my Brother’s Journey and …”

  1. Marie, you’re a unique woman and I admire all you’re doing to keep your brother’s memory alive and to help others in the process.

    Sorry for being away for so long. My grandson was really ill, he’s on the mend now. And I’ve been offered a wonderful opportunity to be the editor of the lifestyle section of an online magazine. Plus I’m proofreading a book and building a website for someone. So, I’ve been extra busy.

    I do think about you though, even though I haven’t been in touch.

    Have a great day.:-)

    1. Congratulations Junie,

      You see how it takes patience and perserverance, enduring and consistent action? I am glad Joshua is getting better – am tired of ‘bad news’.

      Regards to Eve and best best wishes 🙂

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