Iatrogenic illness month

I am convinced my dear brother was another figure to add or substract to the guinea pigs. We are so damn scared of ‘almighty psychiatry’. Why do you thing there are legal suits for medical malpractice? Well, this artice is a goodread for me on such a day when l reveal my brother’s book cover. I hope it helps one of my hoppers too. Thanks you Monica

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

iatrogenic illness month

Alison Nugent is raising awareness by calling October Iatrogenic Illness month.

See her video here with directions on how to participate if you’re interested.

All my work is now motivated by the fact that I’ve worked with and corresponded with thousands of people who have been gravely harmed by psychiatry. The denial of the great potential for harm in psychiatry must end. The harming of so many innocent and vulnerable people must end.

I’m reposting my iatrogenic illness post from the navigation menu below.

Medically induced illness: iatrogenic injury

iatrogenic /iat·ro·gen·ic/ (i-ă´tro-jen´ik) resulting from the activity of physicians; said of any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician or surgeon. (see more definitions here — medical dictionary: iatrogenic harm)

doctorWhen a doctor harms you there is the additional insult of not only having trusted but also having paid someone for the service of hurting you…this…

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