An open answer to why I …


I have recently been asked a lot of questions on why I do, say or think about one thing or the other especially with regards to my near ‘ackward’ mental health advocacy. I gladly link two helpful posts from a blogging pal. Sure I have her permission to do.

The first is: Interpreting Silence, Mine and Maybe Yours. This is a post I came across on Timi’s blog entitle livelytwist. It is an interesting blog mainly on African, Naija and well livelytwist stuffs.

Anyway, the above post captures a lot of the why I do whatever I do in my advocacy for which ever cause I se out to. Currently, and for preferable the rest of my life, my number one passion is mental health advocacy. I don’t have to be a ‘seriously mentally ill’ or whatever, to speak out this voraciously (which I don’t even think I do yet).

And then, another person even asked me what was the point in doing all this research now when it can’t save my brother? I told him I did it for myself and with the hope that it saved someone’s brother or loved one.

And so another of Timi’s post equally helps me say more about my motivation. It is about fire, desire and passion or in any order. Read it, there is some to make you smile and ponder.

Gosh, I would have succumbed long ago if I didn’t read as much, get inspired by other’s stories, and now be very motivated to help others too as much as possible. I have done several post on my heros and heroines, and lots of stuffs which kept me afloat as I crossed the deserts and climbed the mountains in this life of mine.

With this, I wish you gentle readers and followers of mine a great weekend.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

3 thoughts on “An open answer to why I …”

  1. Keep doing the good work. As you said, your brother is not here, but you can still help others through your work. : D Hopefully it will prevent someone from doing something irreversible in the future.

  2. Hi Marie, thanks for the shout out and I’m glad that my posts resonated with you. When you find what you’re passionate about and throw yourself into it, you feel alive, and it’s very rewarding to know that you’re touching a life and making a difference. Sure, some may not understand or appreciate, but you gotta keep on moving, don’t stop!

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