When your doctor says he weighs more than you…

Who is obese now?
Who is obese now?


This post is inspired by two things. The first is another soulful post I read on the blog takingthemaskoff, entitled a tale of two physicians. I shouldn’t be saying more about Cortland’s work and all instead of just urging you to check for yourselves. But, I will briefly explain what about his post got me on. He narrates his personal ordeal and how while one doctor made him long for ‘death’, the second is his number one on his fabulous 5 list ( his list of those who saved him).

The second, is yet another of my mum’s desperate plea to even get some clarifications of her deceased son’s death. The struggle isn’t only to keep him alive it seems, now they delay in releasing his autopsy results too.

My Brother’s un-narrated tale with physicians

I can narrate it to near accuracy from what I gathered. His tale is the reverse of Cortland’s. He had a previous physician out there called Dr Daniel Gross, we all knew him.

The serene and reassuring doctor!
The serene and reassuring doctor!

My brother looked forward to their appointments. My mother talked with that doctor. Dr DG encouraged him on, he went to therapy both group and solo. He still did some ‘shaggy’ stuffs, but those were better than the total isolation in which he lived his last couple of months.

Bridgewater Saga interupts

The post I did on Bridgewater State Hospital, tells of what happened then and after. It was after Bridgewater that I started hearing about different doctors. All I heard about those doctors were the prescriptions they dished out. My brother was scared of them and didn’t want my mum to contact them. He had lost faith. They didn’t care about him and he didn’t trust them. I am sure he was by now dependent on those meds, mindful or mindless of the side effects thereof. That is when I concluded his shaggy life had been reduced to ‘call my meds’.

Almighty doctors?

These 'luns' are driving me crazy!!!
These ‘luns’ are driving me crazy!!!

Yes, they sometimes are. They can make or mare. They know they have that power. It is bestowed on them by the system and by your own ‘desperation and frustration’. As Cortland also states in his post, they are running on time, max is 15-20 minutes with one ‘damn lun’ and then a prescription. And so it came to pass, that after my family had voiced their concern about the drastic side effects of Gaby’s cocktail in May, that mum had complained through his nurses and his case manager in June (while on a two week visit with him), Gaby went for another ‘doctor’s appointment in July. Therapy had long been stopped of course!

Here is a recap of what Dr whoever said:

He told Gabriel that he was aware of his mother’s concern about his weight and that he weighed more than Gabriel;

This doctor put and kept him him on the following meds and knew what was going on:

  • That he was aware of side effect of Risperdal, that he prescribed, that included Drowsiness, dizziness, drooling, nausea, increased appetite and weight gain;
  • That he also prescribed Zyprexa and was aware that the side effects include: Constipation, dry mouth, increase appetite, weight gain and stomach upset;
  • That he was aware that Zyprexa is taken in use with Benadryl it could lead to a stroke or heart failure;
  • That Gabriel had been rushed to emergency more than once for complaints reflecting the side effects of the medication above. His colleague prescribed the following at the same time:
  • Benadryl, Anusol, Colace, Lactulose, pyridoxine and Senna; fully aware of the potential side effects and interaction between Benadryl and Zyprexa;

What was there to look forward to?

What hope do you have after your god tells you he is aware of the concerns but there is nothing to worry? How do you care further about your drastic weight gain, poor breathing and eating disorder when he brags that he weighs more than you? Is this doctor also bipolar or schrizophrenic or just clinically depressed? Are these the assurances to be gotten from so called professionals with all those abbreviations added to their names? This one is a RNP don’t ask me what it means!

  • That we sought a conference with his medical and care team in June that was never granted;

How many families have been halted in their futile search for healing for their loved ones by such attitude? How many more will go through this? That’s the system we say. You are a pauper when thanks to this cocktail of drugs and their debilitating side effects, you are reduced to a Simpleton and now live with the miser disability ‘pension’ of 92$ a month.

I wonder why it still isn’t obvious that some patients out-rightly prefer to do the drugs on the streets (being junkies altogether) and at least still keep their merry!

Dear gentle readers and followers, if we continue to suffer in silence, no wind of change can blow our way. Although no amount of damages awarded can return a lost life and take away that everlasting grief, I think they would gradually nerve the system. That is the final hope we have. My mum and family now join the ranks of those families of small davids trying to take on Goliath. We can’t give up and I hope you don’t stop your advocacy either.

One of his last selfies, his stare tells it all!
One of his last selfies, his stare tells it all!


6 thoughts on “When your doctor says he weighs more than you…”

  1. Ayo, this brings me to my point that I am not sure I can say that I have more faith in the health care system in Massachusetts than the one in Cameroon given each context. Cameroon does not pretend to boast of a health care system while many people told me in the past the Massachusetts has one of the best health care systems in the U.S. Given that my son was the “Guinea pig” of the system, I dare to say that the Massachusetts system is a “white washed tomb” that must have buried many or ruined many. Also, Gabriel read the side effects of some of the medication and would have willingly challenged them but for the fact that his cousin, a medical Doctor, that he consulted for advise asked him to take his meds and he stopped talking to him! Also, Petit’s uncle who was his proxy had been excluded by the system which stopped contacting him for anything!!! Tell me that I should not accuse this system of killing my son?

    1. Mama,

      You and us all have to accuse them – hence my advocacy, bring all this to light and not thinking of stopping anytime soon. It sure will be a long battle, but we must count on our faith and patience plus serenity. They may have substracted one more figure from their list of ‘luns’, but they have added one more family on their case. Mam, you and us aren’t alone. Pursuing them is nothing new and it is our right. It sickens me so much and you see the rate at which I want my brother’s story out. Indeed his book is with the publishers as of this morning. Mama, leave their vengence in the hands of your God, but we have to hold them accountable even if just for the sake of initiating change in that rustic of ‘a one of the so called whatever in the US’

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