delayed or denied?

When are we gonna have the autopsy results?
When are we gonna have the autopsy results?

It really amazes me
Just how much we have to wait to know
Had he killed himself
The case would have been ere closed
It’s been three damn months
All we are told is: report pending
Pending to say which med fixed him?
Or which med could have fixed him?
Someone tell me if there’ll ever be an autopsy report
Or better still if it’ll be accurate
Are they delaying his death?
or denying the cause?
Justice indeed lies in their hands
I really hope they never go ‘cazy’


7 thoughts on “delayed or denied?”

  1. Marie, sorry for being away for so long. I haven’t forgotten you. Just been busy. But it’s no excuse as you’ve been a great friend to me.

    Your poem is really moving. It’s terrible that you have to go through so much grief still. I hope that you’ll get the results of the autopsy soon.

    All the best. And love from us to you. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sherri,

      That indeed was the hope of Judy who contacted me. That some of my readers may indeed pick it up from here.
      You so inspire and motivate me on. I am coping 🙂

  2. I’m sorry that they are taking forever to respond. That has to be so frustrating. : /… I like the new blog header up top : D.

    1. Thanks D for stopping by,

      Glad you like the banner. It was designed for me and I find it cool too. Just not the medicines though 🙂
      As for the frustration, you can say that again!

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