The Last Supper – the last meal!!!

Stage one of his journey - the day he talked of the last supper
Stage one of his journey – the day he talked of the last supper

One day, after our parents had split, we were at mum’s about to eat before returning to what we called ‘limbo’. Yes, that is what our father’s house had become to us especially since he got married to this other woman who wouldn’t let us touch ‘her things’ (fridge, pans, spoons, just name it).  It was then during that meal, a sumptuous one of different dishes, that my brother coined the term ‘last supper’.

On that particular day, a Saturday which I very well remember, the fun was that it wasn’t even in the evening. We had just returned from some shopping and I had insisted we go into a photo studio and take the above picture. We had our ‘last supper’ and returned to ‘limbo’ with some more foodstuffs which I would cook on the stove we had in our room.

Our meals in ‘limbo’ very often consisted of rice and whatever. There is no doubt I think that rice up to this date is my favorite dish , just like he wrote in his journal it was his. In short, I must have his rice cooker whatever it takes.

And so, each time we were having a delicious meal, we would joke that it is our ‘last supper’.

Yes, and sadly so, when my brother started living and toiling on his own, his cooking abilities were eventually limited to doing rice in his cooker and mixing ketchup and water in a large sauce pan. He would eat only that day in day out, as many times a day as the side effects of his meds urged him to appease ‘hunger’.

Mum got him to send her a picture of what he was going to have for supper on the eve of his death. She had been there recently and did cook lots of stuff and leave with him. He had maybe eaten all by then and so this is the picture he sent her:

What more do I say about this?
What more do I say about this?

4 thoughts on “The Last Supper – the last meal!!!”

  1. Marie dear reading your short stories of what petite papa went through is heart breaking. I can only imagine what you are going through. Take heart my dear turn to GOD in prayers and he’ll give you comfort.

  2. Marie, I know it seems like I’ve abandoned you in your pain. But I haven’t, honestly.

    Your posts all tell about the pain you’re feeling. and I guess I haven’t been here much lately as I’ve have to deal withy my own pain. The problem is that John’s death hit me hard and it brought home the death of my second husband, my dad and 2 week old grandson. My way of dealing with it, is not to dwell on them too much. As it makes the pain resurface. I went through a bad phase not too long ago and needed prayers to help me cope. So, I’m focusing on writing, marketing my business as I need to pay the bills and writing my book.

    I know it seems heartless of me and I’m sorry. But I think about you all the time. I hope you’re not upset with me.

    Have a lovely afternoon. 🙂

    1. Junie, l can imagine and l blame you for having to apologize this much. I just wish you so well. I am doing much better than three months ago and often think of you and Clapham Street😘

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