The End… of his Tormented Journey here below


2 thoughts on “The End… of his Tormented Journey here below”

    I may never meet nor know all those that “sinned” by omission or commission with respect to what my son went through but I will never forget names like “Dr. Mathew Gerden” , Richmond pharmacy, mood stabilisers, Dr. Habibia, Lisa Dean (case manager), Emmanuel (case manager) …. and of course Gabriel’s father. I see the picture of my disfigured son in June 2014 and remember my telephone discussion to Lisa Dean especially these words: “Lisa, this is a distress call, this is a red flag. do not try to keep my son sane with medication that will lead him to his grave”. I remember her answer: “I think he needs to be put on a breathing monitor and his medication needs to be reviewed. Zyprexa produces some of those side effects that you are mentioning. Unfortunately it is not I to do it. It is his Dr.’ responsibility. I have tried to get him to see him earlier than July 9th that way you will still be here, but he is a very busy man and cannot find time earlier” . “Gabriel needs to do some work outs but it all depends on him. It is his right to accept or not” I then asked, “If work outs are required to deal with the harmful effects of the medication, why not build those into his treatment regiment?” Lisa Dean: “It is against the Law to Do that”. I asked: “What does the law say about refusal to take decisions that should save a person in danger of death?”. “Gabriel is actually in danger of death”. There was no response from Lisa Dean to my question. The last hope was that should Gabriel’s father show concern for once and call him to take action by complaining about the side effects of his medication then the “almighty” system may listen since it is all about “rights”. The call from Marie Angele to his father got a response worse than that of the health care system! All I can say is that the two systems that could have saved my son’s life abandoned him. No doubt he had been taken off therapy and his father may also have taken him off the list of his children. He barely received his corpse that he insisted on burying in his compound rather than the Church grave yard. The medical and health care system wrote him off. How could he survive? Perhaps all he needed was eternal rest and so that is what he got. I have only his foundation left to preserve his legacy and remind the World about the genuine rights of the epileptics and the mentally ill. Ayo, we grieve but lets grieve with hope. Advocacy must continue and rehabilitation will be a must!!!! Alternative medicine also ?

    1. Mama you said it all, l can’t know no peace if l should stop advocating. It could be me, it could be any of us or someone else who would be helped by our sharing and advocacy. Together we can. I have come to conclude that you only hurt as much as you loved. Losing my fav sibling after all l have lost in life including children, is one too many a thorn. Fortunately, l have my faith.

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