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Florah my maasai flower and heroine

These are some of the things Florah does to keep me smiling all year round
These are some of the things Florah does to keep me smiling all year round

Any one who has read my memoir or even most of my blog posts, will agree that I have crossed both deserts and climbed mountains in my life. Simply put, I have in these journeys of mine met many secret angels whom I call heros or heroines depending on my … mood :)?

When I landed in the Arabian desert (Dubai), I and em we (because I had a ‘treasure’ there) were literally stranded. I have earlier done a post on my heroine in that desert whom I named Yee Mu,  because I couldn’t remember her real name.

And it was a few months later, that I climbed the Kilimanjaro Mountain (well a farce right, I lived in the mountain region), landing in Arusha – Tanzania for one whole year. It was here that I met a special maasai princess. Florah my faithful Flower for all weather.

My mum had attended a conference in Abuja Lagos with Florah’s mum ( a Tanzanian),  and now gave me her contact information. It so happened that when I settled down in Arusha and called Mama Maria as she fondly became to me, she told me they lived in the Kilimanjaro region a mere 30 minutes from Arusha.

That family adopted me and made my stay in that Limbo very bearable. Actually, I still whassap often with both mama and my darling Florah.

Florah took me under her wings and taught me Kiswahili. She took me to the market, their family functions, concerts and all. Florah surprised me one day in my studio, with a basket of provisions and much love.

When you leave your country, home, former life and three sons behind, it is difficult to find anything ‘funny’ in this world again. Florah made sure I found fun even in the ‘mundane’. She told me all sorts of tales ranging from historical to geographical accounts of the famous maasai people. That was their tribe. Florah talked to me about her ‘stuffs’, boyfriends and girlfriends – simply put, I could as well attend Florah’s college.

When Florah read my memoir which I mailed her, she was touched and yet glad to have known me. She as many others have done, told me I was not tied nor defined by my past. Whenever I think of Zanzibar, Dar es Salam or Dodoma, I think of Florah. When I look at this my picture again, I see Florah.

Comme une massai
Comme une maasai

I sure can’t wait to go back to Tanzania and finally find time to visit all those wild parks I never got to visit. I know Florah and co. would be thrilled to receive my co. and I. Florah’s family own a wonder Farm (called a Chamba) , and it was there I learnt to milk a cow and drink fresh milk. I helped there in whatever way, and enjoyed our rides in the back of the pick up truck. Life out there was next to ‘eden’.

Hiking in Arusha 2012
Hiking in Arusha 2012

Dear Gentle readers and followers, when you are as lucky as I have been, to meet the “highs and lows” of society, to be counted among the “highs and the lows”, you can only be so grateful. I blog about my heroines and heros in total appreciation and gratitude and I keep blogging and doing all what I do, hoping I be someone’s secret angel too.