SoS: Am collecting goodwill messages for mum

My mum whom l had once done a post on as being my first and best heroine, hasn’t been doing too good since the death of my brother.

She isn’t only a mum to me, but a prodigal mum too. I sincerely owe her so much!

And so I thought I could collect short messages from my blogging community and help lighten her day and weekend I hope!

Please leave your comments and probably some mum in here knows how she feels, l think like this beautiful lamp trapped in the ocean’s deep!



An expensive hug?

How warm is this?
How warm is this?
Hugs never meant much to me
Until the day l had my first hug
Could it be this close? could it be this warm?
Was I to wake up from that dream? and not afford the price?
I never knew hugs could be that expensive
That you had to save for years to get one;
And so l thought to try some other market
Maybe they would have cheaper hugs;
It was then l found myself in the wilderness
Hugs seemed to be given ever often!!!
I thought of the status quo back home
And sadly decided l couldn’t’ pay so much
I left for real and good
I had heard of free hugs somewhere Free Hug
What was now expensive, was the cost to get there
And so it dawns on me; either way all hugs are that expensive???
I wish I could have all these types for free!!!
I wish I could have all these types for free!!!