It’s time for Short Break – Hurray!!!

Hurray to Break time!!!
Hurray to Break time!!!

When I was in Primary School, I always looked forward to short break because it meant we were a few hours away from the long break. Just kidding cause am not looking forward to any long break from blogging. But am excited for this short break while I do some domain transfers and other IT wiz for which huge assistance is involved.

Am so excited to have my own website you know!!!

So, I am off for a week or so, but hope to pay a lot of visits to other blogs. I already do, but I know and wish I could do better. In December, I will take a Christmas break but I don’t consider that anything out of the ordinary.

There are lots of posts in here for my visitors, both random and faithful. I already announced the change and put a caption widget on the side of the blog: It’s all part of the can do better nagging sprit right?

I understand the blog’s domain will be, while now links to my website. Fingers crossed you know!!! The blog and its contents stay in the meantime and I’ll keep you posted if I survived well by the 16th right?

Dear gentle followers and readers, see you therefore ASAP and hope I don’t loose any of you in the meantime!!!

Thank you in all warmth
Thank you in all warmth

9 thoughts on “It’s time for Short Break – Hurray!!!”

  1. Oh Sherri,

    That’s how caught in between we are: either u take those meds and seemingly stay “sane”, or you take them and payback big time when they are done with you and your organs!

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