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Short Break update: grumpily going into week two!!!

Dear gentle readers and followers,

I promised an update last week when I first took this short – heading towards medium break. I was smiling Hurray then but now I am grumpy. Grumpy not because I so hate breaks, but because I hate breaks I can’t really relax about because I am sort of nervous.

1) I have created a website and thought to transfer my blog’s DNS to the same registrar as the website. Oh I who knows so nothing about this ‘server magic’, thought it was gonna take a couple of days only. Heck, the first part just got through only this very minute and so I am waiting for… See my nervousness? Who sent me?

2) I have a lot coming up before the month runs out and I hate not being able to clear my head of all such distractions from DNS. Serves me hot coffee – I should have known better huh!

3) I already miss blogging. I have posts scheduled for next week and so this DNS saga better gets sorted out before Saturday. In the meantime, I wait and try to enjoy this second part of the break right?

Hope you all are cool in your corners and that my archives still bring some readers my way. I am equally enjoying reading and commenting on other blogs. Till then,

I miss you all…