Twin Launch in Cameroon of My Brother’s Journey and his Foundation!

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My darling's journey
My darling’s journey

You are invited to launch the Gabriel Bebonbechem Center for Epilepsy & Mental Well-being, AZI, and his memoir titled “My brother’s journey from Genius to Simpleton” by Marie Angele ABANGA. The center and the Book that will celebrate and immortalize Gabriel will be launched by the Regional delegate for Social Affairs for the SW Region, HRM Fon FOREKE ASONGTIA II, under the patronage of His Excellency, the Governor of the SW Region on the 3rd of December 2014 as part of the events marking the celebration of the International Day of Persons with disabilities.

You are all invited
You are all invited

Venue:  Council Hall Buea South West Province

Time: 1 pm

For further information, email:

P.S: Come and meet my mother, share with her and exchange ideas. Lets break the silence, the pain, the shame, the stigma, the rejection.


9 thoughts on “Twin Launch in Cameroon of My Brother’s Journey and his Foundation!”

    1. Thanks Junie, neither will I except in spirt 🙂

      Hope you are so much better, did you ever reply to my comment on your post on smile? I never got notified so maybe I have to get back to your site huh!

      same great weekend to you mindless of the weather 🙂

      1. Yes although you won’t be there physically, you are the one who created this while thing. You’ve done well Marie.

        I did reply to your comment Marie. Not sure why you didn’t get an alert. Please read the comment on my blog as I would like you to see what I said. 🙂

    1. Pammy, I am happy for my brother’s memory and my mother’s solace! I am not sad at not being there, that’s reality! you know l have been reading some of your posts of last year and coupled with your book and your emails, l have come to appreciate and get a better grasp of you and the likes of us labelled mentally ill! l once wrote my brother was just another figure to add or substract, l thought he was neglected because he wasn’t an American by birth! I have read and heard of worst cases! l stigmatize stigma by talking and writing this much openly and with my name, image and all! I admit to having my own challenges every now and then but hmm, l have learnt better than to be lulled even with a sleeping pill! Thanks for all

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