Ep 9 MH talks and update on merrymarie

this morning’s talk!

If you want to refresh on my life’s thrilling journey, or better still if you haven’t read my book and would love to listen to my discussions on that, and if you have 50 or so minutes to spare, here is one:


3 thoughts on “Ep 9 MH talks and update on merrymarie”

  1. Marie, thanks for baring your soul in this emotional video. I can feel your pain. You’re an amazing lady Marie and I’m glad I met you. Even in your struggles you still demonstrate your strength. Although you might not be aware of it.

    Just for the fact that you don’t give up, is good. I know you said you quit, but it’s only because you’re moving forward with your life. You’ve re-evaluated and decided to make decisions that’s best for you and your emotional state. That takes guts. Many people would just live in the mess they’re in because of fear of the unknown. But you’re different. You look fear in the face and walk straight to it. That’s why you’re amazing.

    I pray that God will heal every pain and hurt in your heart and fill you with peace. Have a blessed day. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome Marie. When Eve isn’t wearing makeup she looks totally different. I’m sure if you put on your makeup you would look as cool as her. 🙂

        Eve told me that when a woman shaves her hair off it means she is making big changes to her life. That is so true.

        And they’re both well thank you.

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