Another ‘insignificant’ milestone of mine!

groggy groceries
groggy groceries

It is obviously of no significance to many, but for me it’s worth celebrating.

I did my groceries alone today in a supermarket. Since l came to Belgium, l never went alone to one of these big hypermarkets they have with the fast cashiers who may as well push you and your products to the floor.

Bad for me, l am from one of those regions where ‘take time your time and bargain all you want’ is the norm in our markets. I also felt enormous pressure to ‘adapt’ from my friend and we often did the haggling after the groceries.

I decided l wouldn’t go there once on my own. You know there are also small grocerie shops around. But after a few buys, l missed the variety and well thought l could get better deals. And well since it’s for me only, 5 and not 50 items will last a week.

And so hurray, l did it and beamed so proud that l thought to memorize the occasion with a post.

Loads of cheers, merrymarie

P.S: In my fidgeting on my way back home, I later realized I had lost my gloves; the best of the the two pairs I had. I was so embarrassed and even furious. However, by some luck, as I returned from the gym this afternoon, I found them by the side of the street leading to my abode. Life indeed has dem twists and turns tight?


12 thoughts on “Another ‘insignificant’ milestone of mine!”

    1. Hi dear, l am so excited at all the likes this post has had. Hmm it was great indeed but l knew l had to screw up somewhere. I just realized l lost my gloves yesterday, and those were the best of the 2 l have. Oh my abd it’s pretty cold now. Well, l am hoping that secret santa fellow l picked in the office get me gloves right? 😰

  1. Huge supermarkets can be overwhelming. Congrats on this milestone as well as the wonderful work you are doing, including the launch of your website and businesses as coach, speaker, advocate and consultant. I’m impressed, Marie!

  2. Hey, it’s awesome that you found your gloves! I don’t see your going to the supermarket by yourself as being “insignificant” at all…there are some places my husband will not go because of his anxiety. Certain stores, malls, certain restaurants…I usually prefer to do the grocery shopping by myself because of how anxious he gets. I won’t drive if I don’t absolutely have to for the same reason.

    Anyway, good for you.

    1. Hoho, and at last l attracted a Queen to my humble abode! Thanks your highness for stopping by, leaving this comment and following me. I feel very much one of the noble ladies in your court! Happy new year ahead! 🙂

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