Happy People

This is why I really try to stay Merry Marie
This is why I really try to stay MerryMarie

Who are happy people?

 the ones who sing praises?

or those found dancing?

what you say is happy?

maybe just your notion?

or some society portion?

Wow pal, I sure got a lotion

that could be good for happy people

You first need to be honest

That you care not for its fowl stench

Only then would you know

That to join the happy people

You may oft need to break some dem damn dos&don’ts!


7 thoughts on “Happy People”

  1. This is how I feel, and sometimes, when you see so much pain and sadness, it makes me never complain, because joy is a state of being that some only wish to attain. I love your blog! You always reblog the best works from so many people. Be exceptionally blessed always.

    1. I claim and reclaim it oh my sister. I love your poems and your name. That silence which can only bestow peace perfect peace. You know that peace even amidst the biggest wahala? When you know what you are counting on? Where your faith and hope is? And where you know there is always love, joy and happiness in abundance? More than the world can ever understand? These are some of the reasons for my insisting on being merry marie all the time 🙂

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