And wow, I found Love

Love could only be shaped like the heart!
Love could only be shaped like the heart!

I always sought for love,

And was ever so exhausted;

Sometimes what I found

quickly turned slime

Other times I got to use lime

just so to keep sane;

But once it dawned on me

I may have forgot to start with me

aha I thought again

there was need to start again;

I surged to cut the crap

I dashed to ignore the mundane

and now it is so down the lane

that I found all the love within!!!

© Marie Abanga 2014

P.S : I am in a special week of my life, made all the more special by a current challenge to find new lodgings. I am however optimistic that I’ll move out of here by month end. I am so happy with myself and so thankful for my support network. What would I have done without Mama? And my Ss Hero, my siblings both dead and alive, my boys, my e-family and all? Even where I sometimes feel ‘pushed one too far’, I am glad for the lesson and the resilience it offers.


14 thoughts on “And wow, I found Love”

  1. I love the title of this poem and the message – hardly anyone loves themselves, it seems. you give hope it’s possible.
    So inspired by your positive attitude!
    much love TO you and FOR you!
    prayers for your finding a new home that is good for you!!!!
    Lady Dy 😉

    1. D, it took me 35 good damn years to get there! I just had to immortalize it in a poem. Yes, am on my way to finding some place. Tonight l’ll know about one l visited yesterday. I hope, l hope, l hope!!!

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