Why Can’t You Be More Like…

Or rather why can’t they be like… When will all this competition, Judgement and all stop? A good post l think!

Voices of Glass

Yesterday I decided, as a result of reading a post written by Pim over at Pride In Madness‘, that I would post a new game.  The ‘Little and Not So Little Things From Childhood’ Game.

The game asks for you to answer some questions about childhood and then offers an additional challenge to pick five of them to write in more detail about over the coming week.  And so this post us the first in that additional challenge.  And I have chosen, for today’s post, the subject of question 30.  ‘One thing said about you as a child?’

I have often heard it said, and I think there is a lot of truth in the statement, that children can be extremely impressionable.   Certainly I know that I was at times.

But I also think that not only are some children more impressionable than others, but that circumstances of life…

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