Sometimes, that leap of faith may be very scary, and yet I just took one!

Dear readers and followers, this may be a short post but a hurray one for me. The leap of faith l took, was very scary and it cost me more anxiety than l would have liked.

This is where it all started, when l wondered if there was any settling down in this life. I had quit my hitherto safe haven and unfortunately moved into a ‘disturbed’ woman’s house. She had mixed episodes and finally told me to leave. I had even by then already fallen sick from the unheated house. While l shivered, she said she didn’t feel cold.

I went and formally moved out of her house yesterday, and put some of my belongings in a friend’s garage. I however kept my hope to find a place by Feb 01n nothwitstanding the humiliations and disapointments l was facing in my search for a nest. I am still hoping she refunds my caution but l can’t sue her if she doesn’t.

Anyway, and in the meantime, I had bought a promo ticket for Paris a few months back and had to leave today. I visited a room yesterday and my spirit told me to be calm. The lady  told me she’ll get back to me today. I asked my Ss Hero if he’ll follow up if she did.

And so it came to be, that she did get back to me and he followed up on my behalf. Hurrah l have found Angel’s nest. There’s a park and a gym next door, what more could l dream of?  Wow. She lives cities away and there are just two co-tenants of my generation. I met them yesterday and it was kinda looking promising.

Thanks to all who wished me well. I can now enjoy my weekend in peace, hoping l sleep a better cycle tonight.


Lesson: sometimes we have to let go/hit rock bottom/risk losing it all/and what else have you, in order to receive/search in all frankness/leap in all faith and ehat else again have you yo qualify this?

9 thoughts on “Sometimes, that leap of faith may be very scary, and yet I just took one!”

    1. My lady, let me bare my soul further out of excitement. You know ,sometimes u just gotta be mad at that situation nagging u. I had so much going on and l just had to trash some stuff out to tackle my anxiety. I thought of the worst case scenario and fell back on my support network which includes you. I decided to move while keeping Faith. I was like what is all this? The landlady was attacking my own self esteem indirectly and l wouldn’t want that to drop again right? And so my lady, see what l got now: An Angel’s nest just as l had been deeaming of. Close to a great park, a gym, shops, commutes, in a green and calm area, where l can have a registered address, affordable price, wow wow wow.
      The amazing, is that my new landlady never met me in person, never asked about my race, age, school, job, and status in the country …

      I will visit her in her city someday. That is if she doesn’t come up again to Brussels by August 2016 when l hope to return home to my family for good.

      Thanks my lady for allowing me to do abother post in guise of a comment 🙂

      1. Thanks sweet,

        I’ll do it neatly. I was just from envying my friend who’s been receiving themm awards in showers recently. I felt like l was now old school. So, am excited for this award and will do it next week and’ll let u know 🙂

  1. Marie, I haven’t been there for you much during your time of frustrations and problems. I’m sorry. I’ve been so caught up in my own issues and stuff.

    I’m glad you found a place you can call your home, till you return to your proper home next year.

    You might not believe me but think about you a lot. I just haven’t been communicating you with you as much as I should.

    Congratulations on taking that leap of faith. Have a restful weekend.

    Lots of love. 🙂

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