It always seems easier to do from the outside

Hear those not on the play field explain how silly those players are just missing goals! How even they who haven’t been in an academy could do better?

Hear all the “normies” tell how all you got to do to stay ‘sane’ is to do so and so, while doing so and so?

Hear all those who have never coped with a loved one’s mental illness/challenges, say how their carers are weak, responsible for its degradation and all?

I mean, the examples abound of such situations right?

Am on my way from Paris and l was reflecting on some discussions l had with some “normies” who thought more about mental illnesses than even someone like me who’s once picked up a knife to end what l thought was my miserable existence.

The thing is, sometimes like in my case, it gets so mixed up and yet almost properly guarded, that those “normies” can’t take it that l mean what l say about it being difficult to understand or explain even by myself.

The more l research about mental illness and challenges, the more l celebrate my mum and others like her, and yes even myself, who have done all they could as care givers.

Just like raising the walls of a house can be easy although the finishing may last ages, so too holistic wellbeing ain’t a given. I mean, even those “normies” can’t swear they’ve never had a stress moment right?

Hence, l don’t think anything is easy to fix just because in my little head and minds it seems so.

Please “normies” do “us shaggy” a favour and sometimes keep those unsolicited hurtful rants on all that should be done to ‘fix’ things. Discussions if open are good but if not opened, then don’t open Pandora’s box.

Thank you and happy sunday


3 thoughts on “It always seems easier to do from the outside”

  1. Marie – I normally carry a small recording devise with me which will fit nicely into a blouse with the correct pocket. Often nice suits have this feature also. That way, when someone that doesn’t have a clue about mental health begins to tell me how “things could be easier if I would do so and so,” they know they are being recorded and assume I’m taking their advise seriously.
    I dearly love the pen shaped recorder. It always makes me giggle. Tom used to go to a lot of particularly antique pen shows when we lived in DC. He’d catch the train and away he’d go. Anyway, the trick is that at the very end of the show, go around and offer rock bottom prices at the very end of the show and it’s amazing what you are able to purchase for very little money.
    Anyway, I got off track. I love Monte Blanc pens and always have. Thanks to Tom I have a large collection of them. Tom’s extremely creative and he took apart one of the largest pens, rigged it with a recording devise and it simply looks as though I’m preparing to take notes (and I can if I need to as it still writes) but the recordings are crystal clear. You’ve reminded me of another blog I could write! Wonderful post, Marie, on the role caregivers play in the part of the individual who’s mentally ill. Thank you for commenting as always. Sheri

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