Article That Won’t Be In the Hartford Courant…2015!

let me rant a little as I usually do when I read such a post. I first thank Pammy for sharing and for keeping horrendous ‘treatment’ on the table. Her post may not make it to any Newspaper or TV, but it is on this blogsphere – one shouldn’t undermine the power of social media right? Pammy moves after 6 decades in CT, is that something done just for the pleasure of it? Hell no! Simply disgusting the treatment she and surely several others got and are getting from some of those dungeons coined Psyche Hospitals. I’ll never know what my brother of blessed memory went thru in one of those in Boston. He was literally ‘catatonic’ when the subject was raised. Only pictures of the Fortress of that so called Hospital and my dear mum’s recollection of seeing him in cuffs came close to explaining what he endured in there. Pammy, keep up writing and lashing out at that MD and all their likes!!!

WAGblog: Dum Spiro Spero

I moved to Brattleboro Vermont on February 4, 2015, leaving my home state of Connecticut where I’ve lived for nearly 60 years. l had to move because of the horrific psychiatric abuses I experienced in Connecticut hospitals and my fear that if ever I were hospitalized again I would be killed.

I feel guilty, however, just getting out without accomplishing something to stop what continues to happen in Connecticut psychiatric units and hospitals.

The experience of mechanical four-point restraints – leather cuffs that are tightened around the wrists and ankles to immobilize a patient to a bed – or being isolated by force in an often freezing seclusion cell is almost universally terrifying. Nevertheless, both cell and/or restraints are routinely employed to curb loudness and undesirable behaviors at the Hospital of Central Connecticut on Grand Street in New Britain. I know this because I was subjected to both seclusion and…

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