Morrocan Bath vs Life

Yes, this is more of like a status update with some more ponderings about this life!

So pals, l landed in Addis Ababa this morning after a difficult flight where l lost sleep both due to sure my tight sitting position, and also my being tucked with some teens from the US Brussels school on their way to Malawi for their first African visit and blablabla.

Geting the visa and leaving the airport was a mini flight of its own! But then over to our Moroccan Bath!

I was excited to find out that the hotel offered it to its guests. Ok, there is also a gym. Wow. Massage is paid at 250 ETB which is like 10.49 € oh l didn’t waste another second lest inflation…

Moroccan Bath is one to discover l bet you. I got in there thinking well it’ll be fun and l left that room thrashed out from 30 mins of real steam.

After 15 mins, l had stepped outside to ask the attendant how much more l had to live in there. I needed more preparation. She told me l should hang in there for 15 more mins. This is where l decided to spend those 15 minutes as if thet were my once in a life time opportunity in there.

If we all knew how much more time we had to live from Mr Life, how prepared/or even happy would we be to leave?

Another thing l mused in there, was how we often took things for granted based on what we saw/heard? I remember my 1st (and only ever since ) yoga class. And l reflect on so many other stuffs and mental illness in particular. ” Normies” thinking mental illness is all crap and …

Ok dear gentle readers and followers – just another thrilling gibberish of mine right? Am glad to be away from that crazy brussels cold for these 4 days. I really wish l could do a to and fro bus/train trip to SA to visit my friend john.

Till then, have a nice weekend


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