DBT Handbook (Free)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is one of those you hear or read are good for “shaggy” ones like us. Yet, therapy with a ‘specialist’, is sometimes out of reach for many , no money to spare and other issues. May reading this free handbook and seeing what come of it is worth trying?


2 thoughts on “DBT Handbook (Free)”

  1. Beautiful Marie, I’ve heard of DBT – hmmmm. I heard positive things! I do have a regular, low-cost sliding scale therapist and I’ll ask her about it. Sorry to comment so late – I’m totally behind on my blogs. Will you forgive me? XOXO Lady Dy p.s. hope you’re doing WELL, you adventurer!

    1. Dear Lady,

      Please don’t ask for my forgiveness again ok. In this blogsphere, we are all OK and boss ourselves! Thanks for your comment and hope you find DBT helpful. I am beginning to follow it more keenly and even practice some techs because l think much of my issues revolve around D and B 🙂

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