From Vric to Vrac to hopefully Groovy

I don’t know how best to title this post and so that’s what is.

I am so tired, was sick and dry mouthed and all, since Monday. I saw a Doctor on Thursday on my return from Addis and my BP was 130/100. The pains are mixed and am (was or well …) still grouchy (if such exist ). She put me on some meds which was supposed to be Magnesium … Men, did it trash me! I truly respect those who survive taking cocktails of some tablets.

I think matters were made worse by two other things. First a ‘friend’ disappointed me on the same day l returned from Addis with my already tired and frail self.

Secondly, although l look forward to going to the US to visit my heroine Pammy of wagblog spiro (something along the line, please Pammy if l get it wrong do understand your friend is writing this to ‘heal’ ), getting that’highly courted visa’ and knowing what happened to my dearest brother when he got it, left me SAD.

I battled that kind of depression which plays with you like one minute you are coping and the next you can’t or would rather not talk nor see anyone. I tried reading, writing, music, movie but none could keep my focus for even 10 mins.

Well, l managed to chat online and do a skype call and received a phone call. They all helped me open my mouth, use my fingers and smile palely!

Today, l fought with me and went to the gym. It was refreshing and l was ‘happy’. I returned home and was glad it was my turn to clean the flat. This l equally did with passion. Such activities are so therapeutic for me. If l loose al interest in them, l know it’s really bad!

Oh how can l forget talking with my mum and son! And also a few emails and another call.

And then l had to take myself out of the house to honour an invitation from Rebecca my South Sudan Heroine (with the phone l can’t link ). I am glad l finally left the house and walked through the nearby park l had never visited. It is Rebecca who lives 15 minutes away but who comes to that Park, who told me it was worth visiting. Am glad l did.

Am at Becky’s now but not in the mood to socialize with the other guests she has (yes none other than Cameroonian Embassy staff – ha yo think Becky is the one to introduce me to staff of my country’s embassy?) and so l told her l wish to lie down. Sweet Becky showed me the guest corner.

I then decided to do this post and see if l could finish it. I just did and am proud of myself. I know such episodes too shall come to pass and am letting the different feelings and emotions flow through from Vric – Vrac and hopefully to Groovy!


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