New Hope For The Suffering Heart.

“But even if you see some similarities in your own life and are not yet as far gone as I was in this downward spiral, I urge you to do what I did and to act and to turn thing around.” This STRUCK me as I read this post. Last week my BP was 130/100 and I was told by several that wasn’t GOOD. Let’s really try for our HEART’S Sake right?

Voices of Glass

I wonder how you view life?  And subsequently how you view yourself within your life?

I wonder if, like some, you view your life with wonderful colours – with excitement and optimism and anticipation?

Or perhaps that is just a step too far for you? Perhaps you view life as a series of greys which are punctuated with moments of colour.  Times of joy and of excitement and happiness?

Boy Balloon HappyOr perhaps like me, you experience poor mental health or mental illness and perhaps like me, and many others like me, all the colour seems to have left, seemingly drained, from your life?

You see, I truly believe that somewhere along the line that is what has happened to me.

That somewhere along the line, (and I really can’t say when it happened) the colour left my life.  And I am convinced that it did so, not in one instance or in entirety but through…

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