Running Stomach vs Running Brain: Which catches empathy first?

Sometimes the running stomach hides the running brain
Sometimes the running stomach hides the running brain

I admit to finding most of my writing groove back. I mean since Sunday, I have clicked Publish like four good times. Hmm, isn’t that groovy and promising enough to make up for the ‘groogy’ days when Shaggy pays that unwelcome visit? Is my mind just running hay way? And so I come to the post for tonight (or whatever time it is in your globe).

I had a running stomach (yes funny to admit it but I do) since Sunday evening and I first thought to ignore it. It didn’t go and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t think straight nor remember what I’ll do for my boys as a “first aid measure” before rushing them to the hospital. I forgot about sugar/salt solution and all. I only remembered Banana and Rice. And yet the discomfort wouldn’t go. It got me running to call my mum (yes like that 5 year old). I answered all her questions to my best, and she ‘prescribed’ lots raging from Stout, to Carrots, Charcoal toast, SS Water and all. Hmm, by publish time, I have been 6 hours free of the ‘runs’. It’s not the case for all I know, but my whatever point here is three fold:

1) What happens when our brains are running? Do we brave it to seek for help? Sometimes we are so scared/ashamed or both. The BRAIN runs into coming trucks and crashes in all directions with shattered pieces all over – what next now? Maybe we didn’t even know what it was in the first place, and tried to ignore it right?

2) What happens if we seek for help and get the wrong help (misdiagnosis) or no help at all? or even get so shabbily treated like some cases I have and still read of? I can tell it happens lot of the time and many will end up becoming just another figure to add or substract like my brother became.

3) What happens when those without “running brains” come across or are consulted by those with “running brains”? Do they/we readily offer support and encourage them on even only with a smile, I mean like we’ll do someone with a “running stomach; or are they/we ready to shun and shame and stigmatize such further?

Dear gentle readers and followers with this lightly titled post of mine, I take my leave from the blogsphere till then!


2 thoughts on “Running Stomach vs Running Brain: Which catches empathy first?”

  1. Finally coming back to say hello to this post – I love the title! It makes you think….and I know it has been a few days now, but I hope your running stomach woes are 100% gone. I had some of those issues too this past week, though not as severe. Still, it wasn’t much fun!

    You are lucky to be able to turn to your mom for help. If I ask my mom for any medical advice, she overreacts HUGELY – it becomes a massively stressful conversation instead of what I wanted it to be – good advice & comfort – which is what your mom provided! I’m sure you realize what a gift you have in her. XOXOXOOXOX

    1. Lady, thanks for your comment. Yes the woes subsided 6 hours into that day and I can tell by today that it’s past past tense now. You know I did a post where I qualified myself as a Prodigal Daughter. Men, that woman mother of mine never gave up on me mindful of all the tough times we went through and all my ‘shaggy episodes’, I am truly grateful and graceful. Loads of love to you and missus Lucy (I just saw a you tube clip of hers last may when she was still ‘diaper stage’ 🙂

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