Book Cover Reveal: Another milestone in the pipeline all being equal

Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover

I have this mantra, about life giving us lessons. I state that I refuse to sit down and take notes. No I go, I learn walking. And though I falter and even stumble, I fight not to fall. But, to be honest, I have lost several of those fights; fallen big time. The saving graze has been in my falling looking up, from whence I derived the energy to rise up and keep walking. This is how I have come to realize that although I be battered in and by life; and may even look so tattered, my spirit is not shattered. I have and still continue to find the strength in what remains. Dear readers, here comes another memoir of mine with the usual goal of inspiring and motivating us all. I know there are cases, yes very difficult case where melancholia and all other disorders and mental challenges make and leave it nearly impossible to find any strength. But to the general, I suggest that it is possible. I am a citizen of both worlds. The ‘normies’ and the ‘challenged’. I refuse to think either label makes survival, failure or even thriving automatic. May this memoir of mine therefore make a goodread.

I had hoped to start working on this in January, but alas all we can do is plan and hope right? Well, we can also keep faith. And this is what I am doing as is. My timeline was to have this ready for the Summer, two months are gone but I could try to catch up in the remaining four or so months. I have so much to be thankful for this year mindful of all the challenges. I actually just received an email from my school in the following lines: ” I am pleased to be able to inform you that you have satisfied the Examiners in the examinations for the above degree at the appropriate standard and may now proceed to prepare a dissertation.” This I have already prepared and got reviewed and all. Submission dateline is March 20th.

Dear gentle followers and readers, I wish us all the best in our endeavours. Yours ever, MerryMarie

Hard Copy
Hard Copy

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