Who do some think they are when they make you wait for so long?

I mean, sometimes there may be a valid reason for making you wait right?

Sometimes, valid reason or not, you need their ‘life saving service’ and so you just have to be very patient.

But now, if you are the one rendering a service, and you had agreed to meet somewhere, you are even 2 minutes early to be precise, how come the other person make you wait a good damn hour? In the meantime, I called, no answer! I sent an sms, no reply! Gosh, exactly an hour later, I up and leave. Fortunately for me, the weather was pleasant today and I as usual, had my kindle with me. I also had a supportive friend to text for cheer in calming my nerves. He is the one who replied the text, and quickly followed with a call. He reminded me of the pleasant weather, and said I should just look up to the sky for confirmation. I could then find a place to seat and read.

It then happens that the person who even got me involved in the whole programme they are organising for the Women’s Day Celebration, had the tact of calling me a while ago to conclude some aspects of the coordination she’s expecting from me. Of course I told her of my total displeasure and added that were it not for her, and for my word which I love honouring, there would have been a no show tomorrow period! She obviously flattered and pampered me in their usual diplomatic jargons.

Some people probably think too high of themselves I see. Aren’t we all social animals destined for dust?

I publish this post just to lash out whatever is left of my rant. I sometimes wonder what the heck is even wrong with me and this my crush on punctuality. Where do you see brides who arrive the church even before the priest and all others? I panic if am late, I get very nervous if others keep me waiting without any explanation. What do I do indeed?


One thought on “Who do some think they are when they make you wait for so long?”

  1. Oooooooh, when I read this a few days ago, I got so frustrated because I’m very similar to you in that I arrive on time for meetings or get there early. I was upset you were treated this way! If had to wait, especially after volunteering my services, I’d be very angry! At least you had your Kindle with you, but still…..

    I hope that the celebration went well, my dear!!!!! There is NOTHING wrong with you for feeling the way you do! I too “get very nervous if others keep me waiting without any explanation.” You are not alone, beautiful!!!!

    Much love from Lady Dy :)))))

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