SOS: A couple of beta readers in the house for me?

Ok people, yeah well am almost done with me second memoir. I’ll like to get it published by July you know. I had to write every second I could because I was already late by two months. Sometimes, when the writing fever catches you, it ain’t letting you know no peace. And I so need to appease that temperature in return you know.

So, an SOS shouldn’t be long. It’s an urgent call for beta readers (please I may not know exactly what this means or applies in my case – but well if it’s only for grammar corrections and maybe a little critique, fine by me). Contact me through my contact form and honestly tell me how long it could take you to give me feedback.

I once had a very precious friend help out real good with my memoir on Gaby. However, midway into the process, she got some challenges and honestly told me she couldn’t continue. I still love her more for telling me, and giving it her best up to that point. So, if you are one of such a current or prospective friend, hesitate not. On the right hand side of my blog, there is one of those my ‘smiling faces’, indicating that with a ‘mere click’, you get to me. In return, I can promise one or two free snail mail delivered autographed copies for your home libraries. Sure, you’ll be acknowledge therein.

In anticipation therefore, sincerely, Marie A. Abanga

P.S I think this is one very formal blog post I’ve done since I self-employed myself in the blogosphere. Don’t add to my ackwardness by asking me too many questions oh 🙂


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