When one door closes…

Door closing

When I chose the theme of this blog, I didn’t imagine that the thrilling life I was referring to, was on going.

And so dear gentle readers, here I am at another thrilling juncture of my life. Wow, barely a month after I took a big leap of faith and found a box to call home, fate is now stepping in to test my faith yet again. Make of it what you want, but the deal is, one door just closed in on me…

That door was my main source of income for the moment. But here is the gist is: though I feel some apprehension for the future, I feely relieved – so relieved that I slept from 9 pm to 7.45 am. Now, given my tumultuous  relationship with sleep, that is a good damn record. I woke up and walked in the woods, I felt it wasn’t over with Brussels yet…

20150313_113315 20150313_113703

There is this religious saying that when God doesn’t want you anymore at a job, he gives you a sack letter. I think it means that he gets your boss to fire you or terminate your assignment as in my case…

It wasn’t like I didn’t forsee that, I just thought it was gonna be later.

So now, am I gonna cry over spilled milk? Am I gonna keep staring at the closed door so badly that I miss all the several others already opening up? Ha, am my mother’s daughter or what? Am I my granny’s baby or what? Am I my beloved departed brother’s sister or not?

Am not the first in that sacking school you know. Come on people, life goes on. I have so much to be grateful for. I have so much to look forward to. I have so many to count on for just all type of support. Mum dearest told me I had her back, her shoulder and her knee. My sisters are cheering me all the way, and numerous others too. Even if some were to ‘rejoice’ over this mishap, they won’t dare to my face!!! As if I cared anyway!!!

Several Doors of Opportunity
Several Doors of Opportunity

As Les Brown says, you gotta be hungry! I am not only hungry for new opportunities, I am equally fully prepared!

Already submitted, two weeks ahead of dateline
Already submitted, two weeks ahead of dateline

Gosh, I just finished my LL.M. degree and other achievements. For an immigrant and an MJC ( Mary Just Come ), at barely 2 yrs in this different world…

I just finished the first draft of my third memoir, I have been through thick and thin in this life, I am trying my best at transcontinental motherhood, yes I have come a long way and am not gonna crying over spilled milk. I anticipated the worst case scenario as I responded to my boss’s summons; and now that it has happened, I have more material for my current and next memoir.

Dear gentle readers and followers, I admit it ain’t easy. I know some will say but ah, she knows what she’s counting on. Indeed I know. I know the shoulders on which I stand. You don’t get to shake hands with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, read her memoir, and stay the same. And so, when one door closes, oh my, am just gonna be very vigilant, and ready for the several others opening up…


8 thoughts on “When one door closes…”

  1. I agree with blahpolar – you are truly magnificent. It comes through loud and clear, and your attitude inspires me to no end!

    I love the pictures you include with each post! :))))

    Great things are in store for you, dear Fairy Godmother! I’ll be thinking of you a lot at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. Our women’s support group will meet in a new spot called “The Healing Center” – it’s private, peaceful and beautiful. A fitting spot for YOU! Wish you could be with us in person, but you’ll be there in my heart & soul..

    Keep us posted on your Grand Adventure!

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