Introducing part of my inspiration and the TOC for my featured publication

BTS_CoverDear all, as I continue my hiatus week and whatever transition period I may have; I have been reading and writing and of course sending out a couple of applications for a new assignment. Indeed, my faith is on the blooming path. I thus thought to share a brief introduction of my next memoir which could not have been started and finished at a better moment.

My mum just shared with me how my brother’s death came along when her faith was at its weakest. And yet, that moment also got her (thanks to all the support she also got from various corners), to hop quickly back onto the faith wagon especially in the preservation of the sanity of her mind, body and spirit.

My faith is not at its weakest right now. Fortunately! It however was a couple of months ago. The current moment to me is just another of those thrilling trial periods. Indeed, I feel sort of battered once more by this life of life! Yes, I look kind of tattered, but I refuse to be shattered. I am going for a retreat this very afternoon.

In my various readings, four authors have greatly inspired me to write and publish this second memoir of mine. Maya Angelou of Blessed and revered memory, especially with her titles “Letter to my Daughter”, and “A Woman’s Heart”. Like her, I have no daughter, but just like her, I’ll write the epilogue of this book in the form of a letter to the daughter I lost the day after she was born.

The next is Iyanla Vanzart the power spiritual guru on Oprah’s Lifeclass. She has several must reads in which she writes from her heart and soul. Her work: “Peace from Broken Pieces – How to get through what you are going through”, got me hooked till the last word, all in one night.

The third author I am pointing out, is none other than Terrie M. Williams with her outstanding publication – “Black Pain: It just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting”. Really, I first thought the Black referred to Black as in skin colour. I now think it fits the Blackness of Melancholia which could so engross you and really make you pick up a knife like I once did.

The Fourth author I want to acknowledge, is Nancy Salamone. She broke ‘conventions’, the Sicilian word I gather is omertà. She wrote about her domestic abuse saga for 20 good years. I definitely pale so much in comparison to her. Yet I identify with the living parallel lives aspect. I am honoured to have touched based with Nancy, and I look forward to someday taking a course in her ‘The Business of Me’ programme. Nancy’s book which is a gut wrenching read, is titled: “Nancy’s Story, a Victory over Violence”.

And here is the TOC:

Domestic Abuse

My Flights to the Wilderness

Mary Just Come aka MJC

Settling ‘down’

My Super Super (Ss) Hero

Dare 2 Dare

Mary Knows Plenty aka MKP

Transcontinental Mother

Keeping Faith

The’ Not So’ Golden Child

Epilogue: Letter to Ange Claire, my departed daughter

Dear Gentle readers and followers, it is on this note that I wish you all a happy mid week! Thank you all so much especially to my most recent followers. I know have almost 300… Wow, I am speechless!


15 thoughts on “Introducing part of my inspiration and the TOC for my featured publication”

    1. Dear Al,

      I am so flattered and yet touched that you read it so soon after I published it, and had this gorgoeus line to share. Hmm, I tried fixing some of the font but it seemed too much for me right now, and so I just shrugged my shoulders and mused ‘whatever’ 🙂

      Thank you so much sweet

      1. 🙂

        I started to say this is your best post, but as I haven’t read all of your posts yet, I thought maybe I should not say that.

        I do not know why I’m awake now. It is 3 in the morning my time. I hope what I’m saying doesn’t sound like I’m typing in my sleep.

  1. Dear Marie,

    My strong friend and inspiration. All I have to say is you are an amazing woman with an awesome, unshakable vision. I hope it all works out well for you. You’re a fighter Marie and we can all learn life lessons from you.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

    1. Junie, you are my heroine. Remember that. I am so proud I ate your delicious Rice and Peas. It may as well be a once in a life time opportunity, and I am just grateful and graceful! We inspire and motivate one another, each in their own way. Thanks for sharing my post. Have a blessed one too

  2. Marie, you’re my heroine too. I’m just sorry that I haven’t been there for you lately with all the chaos happening in my life. My land line isnt working either so I can’t even talk to you on the phone. BT is meant to be sorting it out, but don’t know when. 😦

    I really hope I will see you again. Next time I’ll cook some stew chicken with the rice and peas. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.

    It was a pleasure to share your post. It was the least I could do. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. And I value the times you’ve given me advice when I wasn’t sure which direction to take. Thank you.

    Marie, you’re a gem. I value our friendship. 🙂

  3. I’m speaking from my heart Marie. Yes Josh is good thanks. We have childcare issues so I have to look after him. Eve is working full time now. 🙂

  4. Dear Marie,

    I do not know why I am not being notified of your posts or anyone else’s because this was beautiful…And Alas, my mother is is steep decline, so emergency measures are being taken so i have been very busy and easily roused to tears and taken up with worry myself these past days…but know please know that I think of you and want to see your posts and hope that they will start appearing back in my box again asap. Love you, Pam PS I aim to see as many from this date to the present here as i can this morning…

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