Too many precious and first time experiences in a single weekend

preciouslogo1Dear All, Hiatus still ongoing. I am however no near depression about that. I am really happy for this. I thank my angels for my mum, my friends and siblings, and above all my e-family right here in bloggerville.

And so for four good days, I retreated to some Belgian village, to be closer to mother nature and to ‘go inner more’. It’s so funny that when I first arrived in Belgium and my host lived in some other village, I use to envy and wish to stay in Brussels. Maybe for studies and work I guess. But now, I truly wish I could get that kind of consultant work I could do from the village and just commute to town for meetings etc.

Anyway, apart from the gallon of milk incident, (which is yet precious and first time too), no other incident made me cry while in the village. Hmm, I got to hold a dog’s leech and only those who have done this (or do this), can understand what I mean by I felt good doing it. Uh huh, this was a first time for a 36 year old woman, and it was precious. The dog, Lessy, started off mildly, and then he jogged, and we did a mile or two.

I got to visit a horse stable and pat a horse’s mouth. Wow, it felt good. I hope to someday clim on one. See, I have been on a camel before in Arusha. On a horse, nada:

I almost felt like pretty woman
I almost felt like pretty woman

And then there were atleast 6 rabbits in that compound, and I was honoured to be asked to give one of them a name. I named it missy. Oh  my, now I also have a rabbit I named.

I equally got to visit another country even if very briefly. I went to the Netherlands and walked on the beach, admiring their endless windmills. It was chilly but great.

The most important precious and first time experience I had, was spending those days with a teenage with an autism spectrum disorder. We can read all there is about different mental disorders. But, living with someone who has one of those, is another journey in itself. I was humbled and honoured. I was grateful when he even just said hello, or tried to scare me from behind. I learnt that he did this often to those he ‘liked’. I also gathered that he was in a special needs school, several years behind ‘normies’ his age. It is just so precious and yet heart breaking still to share more here. I owe a post someday as an ode to those parents and carers of such children. Sometimes you gotta give living another way a try, in order to fully appreciate what you got!

For my part, I am making the best of this transition period. I am even learning now for some certification. Above all, I am keeping faith and rightly not beating myself about this ‘joblessness’ (yet). I had so panicked about it indeed, lost sleep and much more in anticipation, that when it did come, though when unexpected, I felt some kind of calm. It can only get better and I am bent on loving ME just as is. Money has never made my world go round: it is important I admit, but it is not the most precious of my longings.



8 thoughts on “Too many precious and first time experiences in a single weekend”

  1. Marie, I love this post. It makes me feel like a little girl discovering some of the simple mysteries of life. I love your innocence. And that’s the best way because you appreciate everything you try for the first time. 🙂

    You’ve got a lot of skills, talent and knowledge. So keep that faith. The right job will come at the right time. Not sooner or later. But just at the right time. Keep that fighting spirit strong.

    Thinking of you my dear Marie, with love. 🙂

  2. I echo what our mutual friend Blahpolar wrote – and once again you write such a beautiful and meaningful post. I love how it comes across loud and clear that you recognize and value the big (and the little) things so profoundly, Marie. Much love to you!

    1. Lady, you best know how you go through life, ride high and swing low right? Then you get to that point, and get that aha, life should be lived the best you can with whatever and wherever you are. I am there and I am happy. Somethings happen and try to shake me up or down, but lady I do fight even in my sleep 🙂

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