Status Update: Dressing with love

Ok, the two sub titles may not be a good match right? Let’s assume this post is about both then.

So it’s a quick one for as long as my tram ride to school. Uh huh am back to a classroom for a 4 day training and exam for some certification. I hope it opens very wide doors. I even se some already.

Next, I am doing good. Far better than wgen I last posted here on Sunday night.
I have also taken a conscious decision to work on one of my rude anxiety triggers: my near obsession with punctuality. See, today I decided to be late for the exam itself. The pasr two days, I was ever so early and the 3 other gentlemen not only came late, but they caused countless coffee and smoke breaks. Last night I got home at 9+ pm, although end time is marked for 6 pm. Best is, exam or test days never freak me. I even don’t do the last min or night revise thing. Am therefore cool.

Part two: dressing with love means for me, wearing different stuffs I got from all wonderful people in my life. I sure don’t wear one from that person who gives you what they got without being sure it was their size. That one who will explain that to you or tell you well her closet was… And so she thought of you…

Also, dressing like this makes me think of them all in whatever I am doing. So, guess who’s stuffs top the list on my body these past 2 days? My brother’s. He was a genius and I careless if am labeled superstitious. I feel he’s taking this training with me and will write the exams too. I told both mum and himself that. And all the others including myself, I wear their stuffs to feel and smell their warmth even while reflecting on any difficult subject.

To whom much is expected, much is given right? That’s how I see it. So sharing and giving are my passions too

Oh am almost there, switch to school thoughts now

Loads of love to us all


5 thoughts on “Status Update: Dressing with love”

  1. Marie, in your post, you move from being irritated by things you cannot control (others’ rude behavior) to what you can control – literally surrounding yourself with love by wearing an armor of clothing given to you from those you love. I hope that wearing that mantle of love protects you from anxiety and irritation.

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